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Graduates’ Sharing

Ms. LUO Muchi
2016 MAcc Graduate

This one year learning experience in Lingnan MAcc Programme let me have a deeper understanding of both local and international accounting practices. The knowledge I acquired from the Programme is very relevant not only to the professional accounting qualification examinations, but also to real work environments.

However, leaning is only one part of my life in Lingnan. From time to time, MAcc Programme organized workshops and seminars for us to improve employability skills, from personal image and self-packaging, CV writing, to job interview.  I gained a lot inside and outside the classroom.

My one year studies in Lingnan University have been a fulfilling and rewarding experience. I have dreamed of working in one of the leading international accounting firms ever since I enrolled into this Programme. Now my dream has come true!


Ms. LU Hanhuang
2015 MAcc Graduate

As an English major student, it is my great pleasure to be a Beta Gamma Sigma lifetime member. My thanks go to the MAcc Programme for giving me the opportunity to further my studies in accounting. Due to my limited prior knowledge, I spent much of my time in the library in order to finish all the required reading. During my year at Lingnan, I enjoyed a warm learning environment, participated in a wide range of activities, and communicated with a variety of business people. Thanks go to my MAcc Programme professors for their patient explanations and valuable classes. Their experience and perceptions have inspired me a great deal. I was also very pleased to have had wonderful classmates to share my studies.


Ms. LI Jing
2015 MAcc Graduate

Graduation marks the end of my studies at Lingnan and the beginning of my new life. I am filled with mixed feelings. I feel happy and full of hope for the future, but in addition there is a feeling of great sadness at leaving the University, my dear lecturers, staff and cherished classmates.

Through studying on the MAcc programme, I have developed my academic knowledge and professional skills. I also improved my interpersonal and organizational management skills by teaming up with our classmates. I was honoured to be awarded a Lingnan University Accountancy Education Foundation Scholarship. Although I have encountered many challenges and difficulties during my time at the University, I still love it because I met so many great people and equipped myself for the future there.


Ms. PAN Xin
2015 MAcc Graduate

In my one year’s study at Lingnan University, the deepest impression that this place has left me is its peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere. As the University provides so much for its students, such as dedicated teachers, a variety of activities and useful knowledge, the one thing you can do is just enjoy your studies and your life there. For me, the best aspect of my time at Lingnan was the opportunity to experience a very different educational model in a diverse environment. Just have a good balance between what you want and what you think you should do, and this one-year period will be a really wonderful memory.


Ms. KWOK Wai Man
2015 PGDA Graduate



Ms. Hung Na, Annabel
2013 PGDA Graduate, 2014 MAcc Graduate

It’s a best life decision for me to choose Lingnan PGDA& MAcc Programme, which is taught by highly respected lecturers who are experts in their field. The Programme hits the proverbial two birds (HKICPA and CICPA) with one stone. The Programme has been accredited by the HKICPA as a conversion programme to register as a QP student for non-accountancy graduates. After completing the course, it's a lot easier to pass the qualification examinations. The MAcc courses such as “China Taxation” and “China Economy Law” are particularly relevant to the CICPA qualification examinations. I would say the course design is simply "stunning".

I really appreciate all the lecturers’ teaching and staff's administration. I believe the most important lesson I’ve learned is: “As professionals, we only have two things to sell - our professional knowledge and our integrity. Never ever abandon our integrity”. I also believe successful people are not defined by a restless search for fame or fortune, but by an insatiable desire to be better, an infinite curiosity as to how and constancy to purpose. So let’s be perpetual voyagers starting the journey of self-improvement with Lingnan PGDA and MAcc Programme.  


Mr. Ma Kei, Freddie
2013 PGDA Graduate, 2014 MAcc Graduate



Ms. Cheong Pui Man, Mandy
2014 MAcc Graduate

Lingnan University definitely changed my life in workplace and family! In today’s work force, holding a MAcc is certainly a stepping stone for career advancement. Upon completion of MAcc programme, I was awarded a promotion successfully in my company. The MAcc programme of Lingnan University covers full range of accounting and auditing knowledge, including China Law, China Tax, Forensic Accounting which are very helpful for me to deal with the daily problems I faced at work. Many of the skills can also be applied in my personal life, such as financial investment decision making, which was learned in Financial Statement Interpretation and Analysis class. Furthermore, I have more understanding of the important of fraud prevention and have become more sensitive to fraud detection.  I believe the MAcc programme of Lingnan University is a further step for accounting professionals to achieve their own goals and dreams.


Ms. WongWong, Juan Manuel
2014 MAcc Graduate





Mr. Chan Yun Fung Denley
2014 PGDA Graduate



Mr. Chan Tat Man, Adolf
2011 MAcc Graduate

As a graduate of MAcc programme, it is my pleasure to share my learning experience with all of you.  We need to take five courses in total, which are all held on Saturdays.  I found the courses to be very practical and useful.  We need not only to attend the classes and finish our homework individually, but also to work with different classmates as a team in course projects and presentations.  This is a very good way of learning because we not only learn in the class, but also learn by what we are doing because we have to search for relevant information for performing analysis in the projects.  Through the highly active mode of learning, we improve our communication skills and analytical skills.  Classmates have become good friends after graduation, and I still treasure the days we studied together in classes and worked together in projects.

In the light of the closer relationships between China and Hong Kong and the influence of China over the global economics, two courses are tailored for this purpose in the programme.  They are “Accounting and Taxation in Mainland China” and “The Economic Law of China”, which are particularly useful for us students who work in companies dealing with China business.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to all lecturers and staff for their devotion to our study in the MAcc programme at Lingnan.  The programme is an ideal choice for us to enhance our knowledge in accounting profession, friendship building, and career development.


Mr. Lam Mo, Brian
2007 PGDA Graduate, 2010 MAcc Graduate

The Master of Accountancy (MAcc) programme is extraordinary in that it includes the studies of taxation and economic laws of China, which is vital for any Hong Kong enterprise to deal with its business in Mainland China.  As a beneficiary of the ample knowledge of contract laws taught in the PGDA program, I successfully recovered a substantial sum of debt in a business dealing in China during the financial tsunami.

Group discussions and group project-based learning are highly encouraged and facilitated by our professors and lecturers.  This not only brings our classmates closer together but also exhibits the “Power of We” as all classmates with differing backgrounds contributed their knowledge and experience unreservedly.  The outside-classroom activities and gatherings among our faculty and classmates would definitely strengthen our relationship and enrich our U-life in the artistic and joyful campus.

I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to our professors and lecturers.  Without their enthusiastic dedication in nourishing us, we would not have gained such fruitful learning experience.