Visiting and Auditing Students

In addition to accepting students into programmes leading to academic awards, the University admits visiting students and auditing students to study courses at the University.

Admission Requirements
An applicant whose educational standard is considered adequate by the academic unit(s) concerned may be considered for admission as a visiting student or an auditing student for a specific period.

Application Procedures
A visiting student may be admitted through a University approved student exchange programme or through direct applications on individual merits.

Application for admission as an auditing student should be made to the Registrar, supported by documents required by the Registrar, such as public examination results, school transcripts and reference letters.

Credits to be Taken
A visiting student may take either a full-time or a part-time study load in any terms. An auditing student is normally not allowed to take more than 11 credits per term.

A visiting student must sit for the examinations of the courses taken, and will receive grades and credits after completing the requirements of the courses concerned. The status of a visiting student will be indicated in all documents issued by the University.

An auditing student is not allowed to sit for any examinations and will not be given any grades or other academic recognition for the courses taken. The status of an auditing student will be indicated in all documents issued by the University.

Formal Award of Certificate
Visiting students are not eligible for a formal academic award but can apply for a certification of their registration status and/or a certification of academic performance. Auditing students are not eligible for a formal award or for a certificate from the University.

Tuition Fees
Visiting and auditing students pay tuition fees as follows:

No. of Credits
Enrolled Per Term
Tuition Fee
1 – 9 per credit: 1/10 of the tuition fee paid by a full-time student
10 – 18 same as a full-time student (see note)

They must also pay other relevant fees.

Note: A student taking 12 credits or above in a term is eligible for a full-time status.

Scholarships and Financial Aid
Visiting and auditing students are NOT eligible for scholarships or financial aid.