The Liberal Arts University in Hong Kong
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong

Professor & Head of Department
Prof. CHAN Ching-kiu Stephen 陳清僑
Associate Professor & MCS Programme Director
Associate Professor & MCS Acting Programme Director
Prof. LEUNG Yuk-ming Lisa 梁旭明
Associate Professor
Prof. CHEN Yun-chung 陳允中
  Assistant Professor & Associate Head of Department Prof. IP Iam-chong 葉蔭聰
Assistant Professor
Prof. HOYNG Rolien Susanne  
    Prof. CASTILLO Roberto (Starting from 16 August 2017)
    Prof. DE DIOS Anjeline (Starting from 16 August 2017)
    Prof. FAN Lai-Tze (Starting from 16 August 2017)
    Prof. YOON Soo Ryon (Starting from 16 August 2017)
Distinguished Adjunct Professor
Prof. WANG Xiao-ming
Senior Lecturer
Adjunct Professor
    Prof. YU Siu-wah 余少華
    Dr. LI Siu-leung 李小良
Adjunct Associate Professor
Part-time lecturer
Ms. LAI Yan-chi 賴恩慈
Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble 竹韻小集
    Ms. LEE Eun-soo Toto 李銀穗
Senior Administrative Officer
Ms. TSUI Wai-shuen Josephine
Tel: 2616 7489
Fax: 2572 5170
Administrative Assistant
Ms. Ho Ka-ying Shirley
Tel: 2616 7444
Fax: 2572 5170
Research Postgraduate Students
Mr. CHOW Sze-chong 周思中
    Ms. WEN Cuiyan 溫翠艷
    Ms. WONG Yuk-ying Sonia 黃鈺瑩
    Ms. YRAOLA Dayang  
    Ms. LIN Lili 林莉莉
    Mr. WU Ka-wai Kelvin 胡家偉
Kwan Fong Cultural Research and Development Programme
Assistant Research Development Manager I
Ms. YEE Siu-ying Grace
Tel: 2616 7696
Fax: 2465 0977
Master of Cultural Studies Programme
Assistant Programme Manager I
Ms. MAN Shan-shan
Tel: 2616 7449
Fax: 2572 5170
Programme Assistant
Ms. KONG Sin-ting Karen 鄺倩婷
Tel: 2616 7484  
Fax: 2572 5170  
Ms. CHAU Chung-ling Amber
Tel: 2616 7448
Fax: 2572 5170

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