April 2012

2012-04-02 Spirituality as the Sure Way to Happiness
- Prof. HO Lok-sang (LU)
2012-04-19 Economic Relationships Among the United States, China, Japan and East Asia
- Prof. FUNG Kwok-chiu (University of California)
2012-04-19 Cross-Listing, Institutional Investors and Equity Returns
- Mr. LAW Yui (LU)
2012-04-23 The Universal Provision of Primary Education: Who Benefits?
- Dr. OU Dongshu (CUHK)
2012-04-26 Some International Issues with Emerging Countries: A Political Economy Approach
- Prof. FUNG Kwok-chiu (University of California)
2012-04-30 The Impact of Social Capital on Bank Risk Taking
- Ms. XIE Wenjing (LU)
2012-04-30 Equilibrium and Strategies of Horizontal Mergers in Asymmetric Differentiated Cournot Oligopoly
- Ms. LU Juan (LU)
2012-04-30 Domestic Banks versus Foreign Banks in Terms of Profitability and Risk-taking: A Cross-Country Study
- Ms. GUO Xiaowei (LU)