Master of Science in International Banking and Finance

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Course Structure

IBF617 Global Investment

Course Description:
This course is designed for graduate students for Master’s degree in finance, investment professionals, and financial managers. Today much of investing is global in nature and this course gives students the tools needed to operate in an environment of global finance, global investment, and global competition. The globalization argument can be summarized to “why not learn internationally rather than only domestically?” The benefits of international diversification of risk and return have increasingly been recognized. We have seen that guidelines and legislation have been made more favorable to foreign investment. The global integration of financial markets has led to reduced costs, easier access to information, and rapid development of worldwide expertise by major financial institutions.

Pre-requisite: IBF504 International Macroeconomics or IBF615 International Money and Finance; and IBF505 Investment Theory and Application or equivalent; and IBF604 Financial Econometrics or equivalent