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Over 50% Lingnan Graduates Find Jobs Outside Programmes of Study

11 Jul 2008

The Employment Survey conducted by Lingnan University (Lingnan) shows that 99.7%, or 753 graduates from 2007 either take up full-time employment or full-time studies.

The same survey shows that 51.2% of the graduates took up jobs which are not related to their areas of studies. The record is a jump from 44% in 2006. It indicates that employers tend to consider graduates' overall attributes which go beyond the academic. This exemplifies the merits of Lingnan's liberal arts education in producing all-rounded graduates who excel not just in their studies.1

The employment survey was conducted by Lingnan's Student Services Centre in the last quarter of 2007. Among 755 graduates surveyed, the overall average monthly income was $11,408, a 6.9% increased compared to $10,667 in 2006.

Almost 50% of the full-time employed graduates secured employment within 1 month upon graduation, while another 37.7% were employed within 2-3 months. The highest average monthly income of $13,696 came from Cultural Studies graduates (Social & Historical Studies stream), where Bachelor of Social Sciences graduates (International Political and Economic Affairs stream) came in second with $13,415, with Contemporary English Studies graduates came in third with $12,252. Each graduate received an average of 2.2 job offers.

The following table shows the distribution of employment sectors and occupation:

Employment Sector:
Commerce and industry 76.3%
Education 17.4%
Community and social sector 3.5%
Civil Services 2.8%
Total: 100%

Teaching Profession 15.5%
Banking and Insurance Profession 14.5%
Operational officers or administrative / personal assistants 12.3%
Audit / Accounting Trainees / Company Secretary 9.6%
Marketing / Sales Executive 9.3%
Customer Service Officer 7.8%
HR / Management Executive 7.5%
Journalist / Editor / Copywriter 4.8%
Trading Executive / Merchandiser / Shipping / Logistics Executive 4.7%
Managerial Personnel / Management Consultant 3.1%
Others 10.%
Total: 100%

1Based on response of 98.1% (755 graduates) among 770 graduates; and excluding 12 graduates who choose not to seek full-time employment.