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Graduates Engagement Rate Close to 99% Graduates Prospects Only Slightly Affected in Spite of Economic Downturn

16 Mar 2010


Lingnan University (the University) released today the findings on the Graduate Employment Survey 2009. Despite the fact that overall economy is still on the road of recovery, its graduates engagement rate is positive, close to 99%. The survey finds that graduates took slightly longer time to secure a job offer and the average monthly income recorded a drop as compared to 2008.

The survey was conducted by the University’s Student Services Centre (SSC) from September to December 2009 on full-time undergraduates. 731 graduates responded to the survey, representing a response rate of 97.7%.

Major findings:

• 88.6% of graduates were employed while 10.3% chose to pursue full-time studies; making up an overall engagement rate of 98.9%*, a slight drop of 0.4% as compared to 2008.

• It has taken a longer time for graduates to secure full-time employment, 32.8% graduates received first job offers within one month of graduation while 76.9% were in full-time employment within three months. In 2008, 41.8% graduates received first job offers within one month while 82.3% secured full-time employment within three months.

• Each graduate received nearly two job offers on average.

• Overall average monthly income was $9,900, a drop of 17% as compared to $11,940 in 2008.

• Graduates of the Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) - International Studies stream had the higher average monthly income where graduates of Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Contemporary English Studies came second.

• Among the four sectors in which graduates were employed, namely commerce and industry, education, community and social services and civil service, number of graduates entering the commerce and industry sector had dropped while the latter three all recorded an increase.  

Year / Job Sectors
Increase/Decrease (%)
Commerce & Industry
Community & Social Services
Civil Service
*Excluding 19 graduates who did not seek employment due to personal reasons.