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The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Graduates Honoris Causa

1994 Doctor of Humanities SWAINE, J John 施偉賢
1994 Doctor of Laws   CHOW, C Gregory   鄒至莊
1994 Doctor of Laws   TONG, Tin Sun   唐天燊
1995 Doctor of Humanities   JAO, Tsung I   饒宗頤
1995 Doctor of Laws   CHEN, T S John   陳佐舜
1995 Doctor of Laws   LIU, Tung Sheng   劉東生
1996 Doctor of Laws   WAI, Kee Kau   韋基球
1996 Doctor of Literature   YU, C Anthony   余國藩
1996 Doctor of Social Sciences   LI, K P David   李國寶
1997 Doctor of Laws   CHAN, Pun David   陳斌
1997 Doctor of Laws   TODD, David   達安輝
1997 Doctor of Laws   WONG, Hoo Chuen   黃浩川
1997 Doctor of Literature   WANG, Luo Lin   王洛林
1997 Doctor of Social Sciences   LAM, Chik Suen   林植宣
1998 Doctor of Laws   CHIU, Hin Kwong   招顯洸
1998 Doctor of Laws   KWOK, Man Cho   郭文藻
1998 Doctor of Social Sciences   SACHS, Jeffrey D
1999 Doctor of Laws   EWBANK, Inga-Stina    英格絲蒂納 · 尤本克
1999 Doctor of Literature   HALLIDAY, Michael Alexander Kirkwood   韓禮德
1999 Doctor of Social Sciences   LAM, Shan Muk   林山木
2000 Doctor of Humanities   LEE, Rebecca    李樂詩
2000 Doctor of Laws   WONG, Shek Wah   黃石華
2000 Doctor of Social Sciences   PATRICK, Hugh T   休奇.帕德里克
2000 Doctor of Social Sciences   WU, Po Kong Patrick   伍步剛
2001 Doctor of Laws   WONG, Bing Lai   黃炳禮
2001 Doctor of Literature   WANG, Der Wei David   王德威
2001 Doctor of Social Sciences   HO, Tzu Cho David   何子焯
2002 Doctor of Laws   LITTON, Henry   烈顯倫
2002 Doctor of Literature   YEH, Chia Ying   葉嘉瑩
2002 Doctor of Social Sciences   PANG, Yuk Wing Joseph   彭玉榮
2003 Doctor of Literature   PAI, Hsien Yung   白先勇
2003 Doctor of Social Sciences   LEE, LIN Gen Hwa Gennie   李林建華
2004 Doctor of Laws   ZHANG, Xinsheng   章新勝
2004 Doctor of Literature   CHAN, Wen Tung   陳文統 (梁羽生)
2004 Doctor of Social Sciences   FONG, Yun Wah   方潤華
2004 Doctor of Social Sciences   YANG, Y F Katie   楊梁燕芳 (芳艷芬)
2005 Doctor of Laws   LIU, Lit Mo   廖烈武
2005 Doctor of Laws   LO, Tak Shing   羅德丞
2005 Doctor of Laws   TIN, Ka Ping   田家炳
2005 Doctor of Social Sciences   PANITCHPAKDI, Supachai   素帕猜‧巴尼巴滴
2005 Doctor of Social Sciences   STIGLITZ, Joseph E   約瑟夫‧斯蒂格利茲
2006 Doctor of Laws   CHAN, LAM Lai Bing Alison   陳林麗冰
2006 Doctor of Laws   OXBURGH, Ernest Ronald   奧斯栢
2006 Doctor of Literature   TU, Weiming   杜維明
2007 Doctor of Laws   KWONG, Paul   鄺保羅
2007 Doctor of Laws   WU, Ying Sheung Gordon   胡應湘
2007 Doctor of Social Sciences   LEE, Mui Yee Ching Jennie   李梅以菁
2007 Doctor of Social Sciences   LEWIS, Stephen R   史蒂芬‧路易斯
2008 Doctor of Business Administration   KWOK, Siu Ming Simon   郭少明
2008 Doctor of Laws   CHENG, Mo Chi Moses   鄭慕智
2008 Doctor of Social Sciences   MOW, LAU Shirley   劉瓊鳳
2009 Doctor of Business Administration   WU, James Tak   伍沾德
2009 Doctor of Laws   OXTOBY, David
2009 Doctor of Social Sciences   LEUNG, Chun Ying   梁振英
2010 Doctor of Laws   FUNG, Kwok King Victor   馮國經
2010 Doctor of Laws   LI, Kwok Nang Andrew   李國能
2010 Doctor of Social Sciences   DIXIT, Avinash Kamalakar
2011 Doctor of Business Administration   LEE, Wan Keung Patrick   李運強
2011 Doctor of Laws   LAM, LEE Kiu Yue Alice Piera   林李翹如
2011 Doctor of Social Sciences   CHOI, Koon Shum Jonathan   蔡冠深
2012 Doctor of Letters   Her Royal Highness Princess SIRINDHORN Maha Chakri   瑪哈‧扎克里‧詩琳通公主殿下
2012 Doctor of Humanities   HUI, On Wah Ann   許鞍華
2012 Doctor of Laws   WONG, Yan Lung   黃仁龍
2012 Doctor of Social Sciences   BHAGWATI, Jagdish N   巴格沃蒂
2012 Doctor of Social Sciences   CHAN, Cho Chak John   陳祖澤
2012 Doctor of Social Sciences   LIU, Mingkang   劉明康
2013 Doctor of Humanities   KABORÉ, Gaston Jean-Marie   加斯頓•吉恩 瑪麗•卡波里
2013 Doctor of Humanities   NG, Wing Mui   吳詠梅  
2013 Doctor of Laws   WONG, Pak Heung Peter   黃伯鏗  
2013 Doctor of Social Sciences   LAM, CHENG Yuet Ngor Carrie   林鄭月娥  
2014 Doctor of Business Administration   CHEN, Nan Lok Philip   陳南祿  
2014 Doctor of Literature   LIU, Yi Chang   劉以鬯  
2014 Doctor of Social Sciences   MA, Si Hang Frederick   馬時亨
2015 Doctor of Business Administration   CHUNG, Chi Ping Roy   鍾志平 Citation  
2015 Doctor of Humanities   CHAN, Bernard Charnwut   陳智思 Citation Address
2015 Doctor of Social Sciences   HECKMAN, James J   詹姆斯‧約瑟夫‧赫克曼 Citation  
2016 Doctor of Laws   CHAN, Chee Hoi Warren   陳志海 Citation  
2016 Doctor of Social Sciences   GIDDENS, Anthony     Citation  
2016 Doctor of Social Sciences   NEOH, Anthony Francis   梁定邦 Citation Address
2016 Doctor of Science   YANG, Fujia   楊福家 Citation  

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