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Review Panel on the Lingnan University Ordinance

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The Lingnan University Ordinance (Chapter 1165) (LU Ordinance) was enacted in July 1999. The Council at its meeting of 21 October 2013 resolved to set up the Review Panel on the Lingnan University Ordinance (the Review Panel) to review the LU Ordinance with its focus mainly on the student participation in the Council business as stipulated in the LU Ordinance while recommendations on other aspects could be made for Council consideration if deemed appropriate.

Terms of reference

The Review Panel is set up to review the Lingnan University Ordinance.


Chairman of the Council
Mr AUYEUNG, Pak Kuen Rex
Members: Deputy Chairman of the Council Mr IP, Shing Hing Simon, JP
Treasurer of the Council
Mrs SHUEN, LEUNG Lai Sheung Loretta
Chairman of the Court
Dr LAW, Sai Kit Frank
President of the University
Prof. CHENG, Leonard K., JP
A Council Member who is nominated by the LEO
Mr LI, Kam Kee
A Staff Council Member
Prof. LAU, Chi Pang, JP
A student nominated by the Lingnan University Students’ Union
Mr LAM, Siu Lun Nelson

Review Panel Meetings

12 February 2014
29 April 2014
8 January 2015
28 April 2015
12 August 2015
16 February 2016
24 May 2016
5 October 2016
18 January 2017