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Recurrent Funding for Knowledge Transfer Activities

KT Annual Report 2015/16
KT Annual Report 2014/15
KT Annual Report 2013/14

Knowledge Transfer Project Fund (KPF) Projects

On-going Projects:

Revitalizing Heritage

1. Films, Life and History of Hong Kong in the 1950s: Engaging the public across generations
- To transfer the research knowledge on Hong Kong history and culture in the 1950s across generations of local citizens.
- To allow better understanding on the daily lives in that period.

Target beneficiaries: Young generation, the elderly and the general public

Project Leader: Dr SIU Yan-ho, Department of Chinese, Faculty of Arts

2. Revitalizing rural culture through participatory planning and design of a community classroom in rural New Territories
- To revitalize rural culture and train rural talents through planning and design processes.
- To transform a village office into a community classroom and cultural space, for vibrant exchanges between villagers and urban residents on indigenous culture and knowledge.

Target beneficiaries: Tai Kong Po villagers, student helpers and volunteers, city people who join the workshops and exhibition

Project Leader: Prof CHEN Yun-chung, Department of Cultural Studies, Faculty of Arts

3. Cultural history of South Asians in Tuen Mun - A tour of appreciation

- To scrutinize the history of South East Asian businesses (such as restaurants, shops and companies) as well as residents in Tuen Mun area.
- To affirm the roles that Hong Kong’s ethnic minorities play in shaping Hong Kong’s history and contributing to its society.

Target beneficiaries: South Asians including youth and students, university students, participants who join the seminar and cultural tour

Project Leader: Prof Lisa LEUNG, Department of Cultural Studies, Faculty of Arts




Business Development

4. Executive e-Commerce and Internet Finance (FinTech) seminars/workshops for Hong Kong enterprises
To provide professional training in terms of IT, finance, business and management for employees and decision makers of private businesses.

Target beneficiaries: CXOs, organization leaders, managers of companies and IT staff

Project Leader: Prof WONG Man-leung, Department of Computing and Decision Sciences, Faculty of Business

5. Detecting loan defaults of peer-to-peer loans by using psychometric assessment tools
- To investigate whether psychometric assessment tools are useful to detect and manage loan defaults, particularly in peer-to-peer lending firms in Mainland China.
- To help the partner company develop a new risk management tool for the improvement of internal risk management.

Target beneficiaries: Peer-to-peer lending firms in Mainland China

Project Leader: Prof Sonia WONG, Department of Finance and Insurance, Faculty of Business

6. Bridging research and practice: Enhancing the competiveness of Hong Kong businesses
To build closer links with relevant bodies in the communities and industries, and to transfer knowledge including research findings and managerial implications to them.

Target beneficiaries: Business and professional organizations such as the Hong Kong Institute of Marketing and the Hong Kong Management Association

Project Leader: Prof CUI Geng, Hong Kong Institute of Business Studies, Faculty of Business


7. Commoditization of computer system: Online Programme Outcomes Management System (POMS)
To help higher education institutions to enhance efficiency of the quality assurance processes and to more easily identify areas where academic programmes are not meeting their goals.

Target beneficiaries: Universities applying for accreditation from or already accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and those using or planning to use Outcome-based Assessment

Project Leader: Prof LENG Mingming, Department of Computing & Decision Sciences, Faculty of Business

Arts & Culture Out-reach

8. Reviving a forgotten ritual play in Cantonese opera: The female Jiaguan (Blessing of Promotion)
- To revive the female version of the Cantonese opera Jiaguan 加官 (Blessing of Promotion), a long forgotten ritual play through archiving research, textual studies, and oral history.
- To organize engagement activities such as symposium, performance and the production of a video disc-cum-booklet.

Target beneficiaries: Young actors and musicians, students studying Cantonese opera, music, drama and theatre, and related disciplines, general audience

Project Leader: Prof CHEN Yun-chung, Department of Cultural Studies, Faculty of Arts

9. Workshop and concert on Chinese music textures and scoring
- To inform local composers, orchestrators and concert arrangers on the texture and scoring of Chinese music, with references and technical know-how from research.
- To enhance the sensitivity and ability of local practitioners in Chinese music scoring.

Target beneficiaries: Young composers and arrangers, singers and producers of Chinese music, general concert audience

Project Leader: Prof CHEN Yun-chung, Department of Cultural Studies, Faculty of Arts

Building a Caring and Understanding Society

10. Ethnic minorities and the news media - Portrayal and public perception
- To examine the portrayal of South Asians / South East Asians in news media and advertisements.
- To inform the public regarding the role that media representation plays in shaping public perception of local ethnic minorities.
- To encourage reflection about these perceptions, and how it is affecting ethnic harmony in the local context.

Target beneficiaries: Tertiary school students, South Asians minorities in Hong Kong, NGOs involving in ethnic minority services, stakeholders involved in the livelihood of South Asians in Hong Kong including teachers, medical staff, policemen, social service agents and the public

Project Leader: Prof Lisa LEUNG, Department of Cultural Studies, Faculty of Arts



Completed Projects:

Revitalizing Heritage

1. Empowerment through cultural tourism in rural New Territories
- To train and empower villagers in rural New Territories to become cultural tour-guides through action research.
- To use culture tourism to bring income to the villagers, and provide opportunity for city dwellers to understand and appreciate the rich culture of rural villages.

Target beneficiaries: Kwu Tung villagers, student helpers and volunteers, city dwellers who join the tour

Project Leader: Prof CHEN Yun-chung, Department of Cultural Studies, Faculty of Arts

Website: Event webpage

2. How to make your own history? Our oral history database and experience
To transfer the oral history database and skills to different target groups in the community, and to acquire facts and personal/collective memories.

Target beneficiaries: Secondary and tertiary school students, major NGOs and private firms, and the general public

Project Leader: Prof LAU Chi-pang, Hong Kong & South China Historical Research Programme, Faculty of Arts


3. Touching the Earth - Environmental art workshop in Lai Chi Wo
To enhance non-indigenous inhabitants’ awareness of the natural and cultural resources of a rural village and to provide students with an alternative view of the value of conservation in rural redevelopment.

Target beneficiaries: Local villagers in Lai Chi Wo, primary, secondary and college students

Project Leader: Prof Sophia LAW, Department of Visual Studies, Faculty of Arts

Website:, RTHK Artspiration Program

Raising Professional Standards

4. The new landscape of digital evidence, social media & cyber security: Quest for management control and corporate governance conference
To increase the business awareness of cybersecurity and put forward a new concept of incorporating digital forensic as corporate governance for SMEs and NGOs in Hong Kong.

Target beneficiaries: SMEs, NGOs, and secondary schools in the North West territory of Hong Kong

Project Leader: Prof Alfred LOO, Department of Computing & Decision Sciences, Faculty of Business

5. A public forum on Sino-Russian strategic relations
To educate the diplomatic, business and media communities of Hong Kong on the impact of Sino-Russian strategic cooperation.

Target beneficiaries: Diplomatic community and international business community in Hong Kong

Project Leader: Prof ZHANG Baohui, Centre for Asian Pacific Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences

6. Promoting effective e-learning modes in schools of Mainland China and Hong Kong
- To bring together education practitioners and policy-makers to share experiences on the use of technology in education.
- To disseminate the findings from a large scale randomized experiment on the implementation of comprehensive e-learning models in a number of elementary and middle schools in the Mainland.

Target beneficiaries: Education Bureau officials, school principals and teachers in Hong Kong and Mainland China (mainly Nanchang and Zhaoqing)

Project Leader: Prof WEI Xiangdong, Department of Economics, Faculty of Social Sciences

7. Internet Finance - Innovation fuel for industries
- To increase the awareness and understanding of Internet Finance development in Hong Kong and Mainland China.
- To help improve the efficiency and competitiveness of Hong Kong enterprises via adopting internet finance technologies.

Target beneficiaries: Business companies in Hong Kong

Project Leader: Prof LENG Mingming, Department of Computing and Decision Sciences, and Prof CUI Geng, Hong Kong Institute of Business Studies, Faculty of Business

8. Understanding and enhancing line maintenance operations in aviation - A pilot project for industrial collaboration
To design solutions to enhance line maintenance performance in the aviation industry and raise safety standards.

Target beneficiaries: Engineering quality assurance managers

Project Leader: Prof Simon LI, Department of Applied Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences

Arts & Culture Out-reach
9. Promoting poetry and cultural heritage to secondary schools, higher education and general community
To introduce the community to a higher world of truth, goodness and beauty through poetry writing talks and workshops, with positive impacts on personal and social life.

Target beneficiaries: General public, tertiary and secondary school students

Project Leader: Prof Charles KWONG, Department of Chinese, Faculty of Arts

10. “Hong Kong Literature and Culture of the 1950s and 1960s” Public Lecture Series in Macao, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Taiwan, and Hong Kong
To raise public interests in Hong Kong literature and culture of the 1950s and 1960s and to strengthen the cultural liaisons between Hong Kong and neighboring cities.

Target beneficiaries: General public in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Macao and Taipei

Project Leader: Prof Mary WONG, Centre for Humanities Research, Faculty of Arts

Building a Caring and Understanding Society

11. A co-learning network for university researchers and youth educational professionals
To develop a co-learning network on youth education among secondary school Liberal Studies teachers, social workers in the field of youth work, and Cultural Studies researchers through online professional magazines and onsite training workshops.

Target beneficiaries: Secondary school Liberal Studies teachers, social workers in the field of youth work

Project Leader: Prof HUI Po-keung, Department of Cultural Studies, Faculty of Arts

Website: LS Plus 2.0, Socialwork Ave.

12. Hong Kong studies and the subject of liberal studies
- To create an online platform for the publication of Modern Asian Thought (MAT) Hong Kong office (Thinking Hong Kong).
- To encourage the use of this platform in Liberal Studies of the local secondary curriculum.

Target beneficiaries: Secondary school teachers and students

Project Leader: Prof IP Iam-chong, Department of Cultural Studies, Faculty of Arts

13. Mainstreaming gender mainstreaming: Engaging stakeholders and the community
To develop a tool-kit for gender mainstreaming, and organize promotion for adaptation by stakeholders and public.

Target beneficiaries: The Women’s Coalition, political parties, regional and legislative councilors, The Women’s Commission, Labour and Welfare Bureau and other government departments, and the general public

Project Leader: Prof Annie CHAN, Department of Sociology and Social Policy, Faculty of Social Sciences

14. Building an inclusive society: Disseminating rights awareness to foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong
To provide accessible and comprehensive information to foreign domestic workers about their rights and duties under the laws and policies of Hong Kong.

Target beneficiaries: Filipino and Indonesian domestic workers

Project Leader: Prof James RICE, Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts

Knowledge Transfer Project Fund (KPF)

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