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Notes to LU StudentsNotes to LU Students

Generally the evaluation of students’ examination results to determine their academic standing will not apply to the summer term with the following exceptions:

The performance of a student who is on academic probation will be reviewed at the end of the summer term if he/she has taken cumulatively 12 or more credits since he/she has been put on probation. At the time of review, if the student obtains a Cumulative G.P.A. of 1.67 or above, probation will be lifted. Otherwise his/her studies will be discontinued as prescribed by Section 20.2.1 (c) of Regulation Governing Undergraduate Studies.

If a student fails thrice a required course after the summer term, his/her studies will be discontinued in accordance with Section 20.2.1 (d) of Regulations Governing Undergraduate Studies.

Under adverse weather conditions (i.e. Pre-No. 8 Typhoon Warning/Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above/the Black Rainstorm Warning), classes/examinations may have to be suspended and rescheduled. For details of class/examinations arrangements in times of adverse weather and for class resumption arrangements, please visit

A final year student who has fulfilled graduation requirements after Term 2, 2016-17 can only take summer courses as an outside student and be charged accordingly. His/her summer term results will not be included as part of his/her degree study. For details, please refer to the Application Guide.

For students who have been resolved by the University to have their studies discontinued after Term 2 of 2016-17, their summer term result(s) (if any) will be removed accordingly.

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