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Centre for Cultural Research and Development

Centre for Cultural Research and Development

The Centre for Cultural Research and Development (CCRD) is the research centre affiliated with Lingnan University's Department of Cultural Studies. CCRD has four ambitious research programmes, titled Cultures of Migration, Mobility and LabourCultures of SustainabilityCultures of Sound and Music, and Virality and Digital Futures. These are cross-cutting programmes, with projects housed across and between programmes where appropriate.

While CCRD intends to make a strong contribution to research in inter-disciplinary cultural studies, it also aims to create an interface with the cultural sector in Hong Kong and in Asia. This will be achieved through joint research and practice-based programmes involving both Cultural Studies faculty and arts practitioners in the region.

CCRD builds on the past research and outreach projects at the Kwan Fong Cultural Research and Development Programme.



The Centre aims to produce:

  1. Supple and innovative ideas about culture and its relationship to society;

  2. Inter-disciplinary research that will foreground these new ideas;

  3. Flexible platforms and partnerships between scholars and practitioners in the inter-Asia region and internationally;

  4. Digital knowledge base organized around the thematic concerns of the Centre’s members, which, taken together, would provide a comprehensive resource for thinking about culture and society.


Contact Us

Centre for Cultural Research and Development
LCH 323/6, 3/F, Lau Chung Him Building, Lingnan University
+852 2616 7696

Facebook: ccrd.lingnan
Instagram: ccrd.lingnan
Youtube: Centre for Cultural Research and Development

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