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Department of Cultural Studies

Resarch | Is there a way out of poverty

CCRD researchers address the plights of youth workers in Hong Kong

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Prof. Pun Ngai has been listed among the World's Top 2% most-cited scientists

Prof. Pun Ngai has been listed among the World’s Top 2% most-cited scientists

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Professors received Research & KT Excellence Awards

CUS faculty received Research & Knowledge Transfer Excellence Awards

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Cultivating changemakers in the digital age

Our graduates forge their paths in cultural, education, community and advocacy work

Alumni - Edward Cheung

Class of 2015

Edward Cheung

Acting Chief Executive Officer, Tin Shui Wai Community Development Network

“The programme helps me better understand my service users. I am more aware of what is hidden under social norms and grand narratives.”

Fung Hiu Tung Stephanie

Class of 2015

Stephanie Fung

Co-founder and curator, Common Sense HSK and UpCycling Plus

“Cultural studies narrows your focus for a broader vision.”

David Chan Ho Lun

Class of 2013

Chan Ho Kan, David

Founder and Director, Phone Made Good Film Limited

“Here I found the freedom and understood what being “creative” and “intellectual” really means. My professors and peers stimulated and pushed me to go further.”

Alumni - Daisy Chu

Class of 2005

Daisy Chu

Founder, foreforehead

“Never conform to stereotypes, blur the lines, search for new possibilities—this is what Cultural Studies has taught me.”

About the Department of Cultural Studies

Founded in 1999, our department is the forerunner in the Chinese-speaking world in offering an undergraduate degree in modern Cultural Studies.