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Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Global Grand Challenges


In this course, you will learn about complex challenges that exist at both the local and global level through the lens of the Sustainable Development Goals. These goals were established by the UN to push towards positive global change by naming specific targets for the year 2030 related to poverty, equality, environmental protection, and more.

CLA9021 does not merely focus on talking about these challenges, however: in collaboration with students from HKUST, you will develop innovative and entrepreneurial methods and mindsets to address important issues in Hong Kong and beyond. Each semester, the course has a broad theme (such as ‘Well-being under COVID-19’), and your group will be given the freedom to propose and implement solutions for pressing challenges through running a small-scale social enterprise. Through weekly creative challenge, we will guide you through this process, but the solutions you propose are your own.

This course is team-taught by experts in social entrepreneurship, sustainable development, social innovation, and more. We frequently invite guest speakers with strong experience in the field and interesting stories to tell. CLA9021 is project-based and on-hands, meaning that you will learn valuable skills that will help you make an impact on the world around you.