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Policy and Technology for Urban and Rural Development


In this course, you will learn about using technology and policy to create a sustainable positive impact on the lives of both urban and rural populations. You do not need to be a math or physics genius to do well in this course: CLC9019 does not focus on the technical details of technology, but instead teaches you how you can implement existing technology in new settings in order to drive positive change. You will also learn how you can design and propose policies to propel the implementation of these technologies, and drive society towards sustainable growth.

CLC9019 will teach you how to use design thinking, a creative problem-solving method used by companies (like Apple, Microsoft, and Nike) and social innovators worldwide to create innovative solutions to pressing challenges that exist both in Hong Kong and beyond. Through the semester, we tackle one challenge in Hong Kong, such as public toilet hygiene, food waste, etc., and guide you through the design thinking process by interviewing community members, brainstorming, creating prototypes, testing, and more. By the end of the semester, your group will have a tangible solution using existing technology that can be used to address challenges in Hong Kong and abroad.

This course is team-taught by experts in humanitarian technology, policymaking, comparative research, and more. Guest speakers give you an overview of how sustainable technology and policy can help shape the world for the better, using case studies from their work in the field on social innovation. CLC9019 focuses on tangible challenges and giving you the tools to create sustainable solutions that will leave a lasting impact.