The Memory of Water - Mary Stephen

Melanie returns to Hong Kong as filmmaker-in-residence at a university after living abroad for decades. She tries to redefine her cultural roots and affiliations, partly through the adventure of a tragic-comic romantic fantasy, partly through bonding with her young student Niki. Niki is making a documentary film with her mother about their family’s migration from China to their Hakka village in the New Territories. Melanie and Niki Both realise they are living with an original “molecule” that can’t be erased even after generations of dilution, the so-called “Memory of Water.”

Bitter Sweet - Adam Wong Sau-Ping

Singer-songwriter Heyo is revising a score for a dark chocolate commercial. His client is picky, and he takes a smoke break on the stairway outside his studio. There he meets former classmate Ar Faat. Together they reminisce about their younger days; Faat reveals how Heyo’s music has inspired him.

The Bench - Mo Lai Yan-Chi

Sitting on a park bench waiting for his girlfriend, a man experiences the usual stuff over the years. He has gotten used to it. He is a Hongkonger, but in the eyes of others, he is always different. He and his girlfriend are an ordinary couple minding their own business. How far can this ordinary romance go?

Green Dust - Poon Hang Sang

Despite happy appearances, Mr and Mrs Man are a quarrelling couple. Each keeps telling the other how much they have sacrificed for the family, not realising that their fights have been witnessed by their five-year-old daughter, Kei. One terrible day Mrs Man runs away. Mr Man then finds her in a park. The wall that divides them seems to be coming down.

We have the fortune to choose, still….. - Johnnie To Kei-fung

Dr Johnnie To collaborated with the Department of Visual Studies to recruit audio-visual works on the subject of liberal arts. Liberal Arts is a compilation video presented by Dr To to embody the liberal arts spirit of Lingnan University.