Premiere of Lingnan Film 5.0

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Lingnan University's Re-establishment in Hong Kong, the University's Department of Visual Studies has engaged five renowned local film directors including Dr Johnnie To, Ms Mary Stephen, Mr Poon Hang Sang, Mr Adam Wong and Ms Lai Yan Chi to develop the Lingnan Film 5.0. Premiere of the film series was held today (20 June) at the MCL Festival Grand Cinema, Festival Walk and well attended by staff, students, alumni and friends of the University.

"Liberal arts education is the key feature of Lingnan University, with the primary aim of cultivating global citizens with humanistic quality. Well-educated and civilised, capability of critical thinking and serving the community are essential qualities of liberal arts education, as well as values that Hong Kong people are proud of." said Dr Johnnie To, creative advisor of the project as well as Lingnan University's Honorary Fellow. With the help from teachers and students of Lingnan's Department of Visual Studies, Dr To gathered a collection of audio-visual materials with the theme "liberal arts", from which he edited a short film We Have the Fortune to Choose, Still... to showcase the liberal arts spirit of Lingnan.

Short films produced by the other four renowned local film directors Ms Mary Stephen, Mr Poon Hang Sang, Mr Adam Wong and Ms Lai Yan Chi are The Memory of Water, Green Dust, Bitter Sweet and The Bench respectively. These four short films carry their distinctive styles and showcase Hong Kong's unique stories and core values.

Project Lead: Emilie Yeh
Manager: Ammy Chan
Project Assistant: Yan Wai Ka
Technical Support: Rocky Wan
Logistics: Claire Chan, Kaye Wong

Highlights of the Premiere of Lingnan Film 5.0

Lingnan Film 5.0 – Interview with 5 Directors

Trailer for Lingnan Film 5.0

Lingnan Film 5.0 , please click to view 5 short films

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