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Lingnan University Chinese Debate Team won Basic Law Debate Competition

Lingnan University Chinese Debate Team won the Second Runner-up and the best debater of the match in the Basic Law Debate Competition (第十九屆基本法多面體全港大專生辯論賽) organized by the Joint Committee for the Promotion of The Basic Law of Hong Kong (香港基本法推介聯席會議) from August to September 2017. This competition consists of 16 participating teams and 12 teams from various local tertiary institutions & universities.
Debate Topic:香港的政治撕裂情況動搖香港的法治基石
Affirmative side: The Open University of Hong Kong
Negative side:Lingnan University
Result: OU 1:4 LU
The team members are as follows:
On-stage Team Members:
Captain: LEE YING CHING 李嶸靜 (HIST – year 2)
First-debater: TANG HOI MING 鄧海銘 (CHI – year 3) (also the Best Debater of the match)
Second-debater: CHAK LONG YIN HUGO 翟朗然 (BSS – year 2)
Concluding debater: LAM PUI YI 林沛宜 (PHI – year 2)