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About LU

University Identity

Meaning of the Lingnan Logo

The mountain, river, trees and path illustrated in the University logo each symbolise a profound principle:

Lingnan logo
  • The White Cloud Mountain depicts the highest aspiration in life;
  • The Pearl River represents the wide dissemination of Lingnan education;
  • The lychee trees - with ripe fruit hanging in clusters - represent the commitment to realise the precept "For God, for Country, and for Lingnan";
  • The path represents the road to the future by virtue of hard work;
  • The panoramic view of the campus in the emblem 'reminds alumni and friends of Lingnan of their loyalty wherever they may be. The red and grey colours of the emblem help nourish the sentiment; they are "blood-red and iron-grey", symbolizing loyalty and steadfastness. The red and grey reflect the Lingnan spirit, a spirit inspiring them to lay the foundations for a splendid future forever'1.

Please see the Lingnan University Graphic Identity Guidelines for reference (for staff only).


1 Lee, Sui-ming.  A Phoenix of South China : The Story of Lingnan (University) College Sun Yat-sen University.  Hong Kong: The Commercial Press, 2005.



平原廣闊瞭近目前   江水流其間

群邱遠繞恆為障護   奮前莫畏難

母校屹立風波不搖   佳氣承遠方

地美人娛乃祖所賜   愛保兩勿忘

韶光幾度花娛鳥樂   飽受春風雨

使我樂輸黃金時刻   基爾高黌序

當前百事待儂担負   不怕半途廢

壯我胸懷得如昔在   母校光風裡

Broad the plain before us reaches,
Calm the tides that flow;

Far the mountains ever guard us,
On in strength we go.

College mother, calm thou standest,
Given from afar;

Wondrous land our fathers gave us,
True to both we are!

In thy care bright years are bringing
Joys in happy throng;

To thy life, these years were giving
Gladly us this song.

In the years and strife before us
Never shall we fail;

Courage, then, as joy thou'lt give us, Alma Mater Hail!

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