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23 March 2019

The 4th Junior Accounting Faculty Conference was Successfully Held in Lingnan University


The 4th Junior Accounting Faculty Conference was successfully held in Lingnan University on 23 March, 2019. Following the first three conferences hosted by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, this conference was hosted by the Department of Accountancy at Lingnan University. 57 scholars from seven government-funded public universities in Hong Kong gathered in Lingnan University and participated actively in such an fruitful academic conference.


Professor Nancy Su, the head of the Department of Accountancy of Lingnan University, in her opening remarks of this conference, expressed warm welcome to all those young scholars from various universities. Professor Su pointed out that the purpose of this conference is to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between accounting researchers in various universities, to understand the latest research trends and achievements in accounting, and to promote the development of accounting research.


Seven outstanding accounting researchers presented their research papers successfully during the conference. Heated discussions among scholars were conducted. The seven excellent presenters and their presented papers are:
Paper 1:  “Nuisance Shareholder Litigation and Unforgiving Auditors”
Dr. Szu-Fan Chen, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Paper 2:   “Information Disclosure of Clinical Trials and Drug Development Cycles”
Dr. Kyungran Lee , The University of Hong Kong
Paper3:  “Banking Market Consolidation and Tax Planning Intermediation: Evidence from Tax Haven Operations of Client Firms”
Dr. Ying Mao, Lingnan University
Paper 4:  “Shareholder Litigation and Insider Trading: Evidence from Derivative Lawsuits”
Dr. Jonathan Nam, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Paper 5:   "Auditor Liability and Investment Efficiency"
Dr. Teng Sun, City University of Hong Kong
Paper 6: “The Information Content of Cost Behavior Components: Evidence from Labor Market Flows”
Dr. Wongsunwai Wan, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Paper 7:   “Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Value:  International Evidence on the Role of Integrated Reporting”
Dr. Stephen Zhou, Hong Kong Baptist University


Professor Liu Liming, Dean of the Faculty of Business at Lingnan University, delivered closing remarks of the conference. He congratulated the Department of Accountancy of Lingnan University on successfully hosting the conference and thanked the participants from the sister universities for their support of the conference.


This meeting ended with everyone's praise. The excellent arrangement of the meeting were appreciated by all those participants. More importantly, the event has deepened the communications of accounting scholars in Hong Kong. The constructive feedback and valuable opinions in the conference will further promote the research work of scholars and benefit their research. As the organizer of the conference, the Department of Accountancy of Lingnan University wishes the research of all the accounting scholars to be fruitful.


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26 January 2019

Accounting Students Won the Championship in ACCA Hong Kong Business Competition 2018-19

Since its launch in 2007, more than 16,600 students have participated in our competition, which has been proven to be an effective platform for contesting students to enhance their business acumen and social consciousness while at the same time, showcase their all-rounded talents and creativity contributing to the betterment of our local society. Seasoned ACCA-qualified professionals will act as coaches for the top 20 teams, offering an exceptional learning experience that will benefit the students well beyond the competition.

The competition this year is themed ‘Professional and social conscious leaders for our shared future’. Each team is required to analyse and choose from one to four areas of social enterprises under New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (New Life). The four areas are: 'Catering', 'Retail and direct sales', 'Ecotourism' and 'Promotion of wellbeing'. Each team has to develop a visionary proposal with workable solutions and action plans to optimise their business and operations. Finalist teams will present their proposals to the competition’s vetting committee, including SEBC representatives.

A team of four members from Department of Accountancy was shortlisted to the final stage and presented their proposal to the panel of judges in the Final Competition on 26 Jan 19. Finally, they won the Championship of the Competition. One of the team members Cui Baoqi also received the “Best Presenter” Award.
All team members are as follows:

  • Fong Ka Shing, Alex (Year 3)
  • Kwok Lai Ying, Kimmy (Year 3)
  • Lee Chiu Pang, Leo (Year 3)
  • Tong Yuen Ching, Delphine (Year 3)

Please click HERE to see photos of the event.


21 January 2019

New Year Student Orientation

The New Year Student Orientation aimed at liaising with our students, introducing the accounting career path, promoting the Department and the elective courses offered.