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Master of Accountancy Programme (MAcc)


  • The MAcc 2019-20 students visited the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) on 13 January 2020. They attended a seminar titled "Ethics Legacy - Roles of Senior Management in Corporate Governance" and took a guided tour of its exhibition hall. The seminar mainly focuses on the role of senior management, business ethics, 3A Models of fraud detection, and the various support provided by the ICAC to the community and society. The exhibition hall showcases some of the milestone corruption cases, which testified ICAC's successful anti-corruption strategies. The students learned a lot about how ICAC develops to meet the evolving needs of Hong Kong society from this activity.

  • A group of MAcc 2019-20 students and alumni joined a 5-day-4-night Singapore Study Tour in December 2019. During the tour, they visited a big 4 CPA firm, a global logistics company, an entrepreneurial enterprise focusing on the last-mile solution, National Museum of Singapore,  and a few other cultural sites. Attending a research seminar about audit quality by Prof. Chen Chih-Ying at the beautiful campus of Singapore Management University, the students gained insights on the most recent developments in this research area.  The study tour concluded with a leadership training course by the CEO of Halogen Foundation, which opened up the students' minds and propelled them to cultivate their leadership potential consciously. What a fruitful trip!

  • MAcc 2019-20 students visited to Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) Connect Hall.

  • MAcc19-20 students participated the TPg Sports Game Day.

  • MAcc19-20 students attended the New Student Orientation.

  • MAcc18-19 students attended the dinner for Graduating TPg Students 2019.

  • 49th Congregation. Congratulations to our 2017-18 graduates.

  • MAcc18-19 students attended the Business Communication Seminar by Mr. Allan Lee.

  • Visit to Legislative Council Complex.