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Sino Group Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation Scholarships

Accounting Student Enhancement Programme (SEP)


The Programme

All third year accounting major students are hereby invited to participate in the Accounting Student Enhancement Programme (SEP) to improve their chances of gaining employment with prominent firms in Hong Kong. Such firms include, but are not limited to, the major accounting firms and large public and private corporations.


In recognition of the academic achievements of Lingnan’s Accounting students, Sino Group Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation awards scholarships to those students who complete the SEP satisfactorily.


The purpose of the SEP is to develop those qualities in students that are sought after by such firms when selecting applicants for interview and when choosing successful candidates in those interviews. Examples of such qualities are good communication skills and a broad knowledge base including an awareness of current business and accounting issues.


The SEP will operate for 16 months from September 2018. Only students who are truly dedicated to achieving employment with these prominent firms should consider participating. Students will be expected to affirm from the outset their commitment to the requirements of the SEP. Full-time faculty members are assigned to coordinate SEP activities and monitor student progress. If after admission to the SEP, the student is not performing up the required standards, the student may be asked to leave the Programme.


Students who enroll in exchange programmes overseas may also apply to join the SEP, and special arrangements will be made for them.


Benefits of the Programme
Graduates of the SEP are deemed to have achieved a special level of attainment for employment. They will be recommended by the Department to firms for employment, thereby enhancing their employment prospects. Students enrolled in the SEP will also have priority for Department-based scholarships.


Programme Requirements
The selected students will undertake the following twelve elements of the Programme:

i) Attend specific extra-curricular activities
Students will join and regularly participate in specific extra-curricular activities such as the Toastmaster’s Club and debating teams in order to obtain more experience and hence gain more confidence in speaking English and Mandarin.


ii) Attend seminars by representatives of firms/professional bodies
Students on the Programme will be required to attend seminars offered by representatives of prominent firms and leaders of the accounting profession.


iii) Attend seminars on business issues
Students must attend, during the course of the Programme, a minimum of 5 seminars, in English, organised either on or outside the campus, particularly those related to current business issues. Students are required to submit a brief written report to the Programme coordinators after attending each seminar.


iv) Attend mock interview sessions
Students will be required to attend mock interview sessions arranged by the Department of Accountancy or SSC. Such sessions may include discussion on the preparation of application letters and CVs. Also, if necessary and can be arranged, students will take special conversation classes which will focus on preparing students for employment interviews.


v) Undertake summer accounting internships
Students are required to keep their summer vacation free of commitments other than for internship purposes. The department will try its best to recommend the students for summer internships at accounting firms. However, successful placement on summer internship depends largely on the availability of the internship positions as well as the decisions of the accounting firms. Therefore the students are also encouraged to seek other internship opportunities such as the ones offered by the SSC.


vi) Attend lunch-time discussion groups
Periodically, students will meet a panel of academics over lunch, and, in this relatively informal setting, will be expected to debate, in English, a current business issue. The issue to be discussed will be revealed beforehand, and students will be expected to undertake some research in advance to prepare for the discussion.


vii) Take the exit test in English
Students will be required to take the IELTS early at the beginning of their final year of study.


viii) Take an additional credit-bearing course in English
Students on the Programme must enroll in an additional credit-bearing course in English, over and above their normal credit requirement for their degree. A one-credit-bearing course, LCE3303 IELTS Preparation, is recommended.


ix) Consider taking Accounting elective courses
Students are recommended to take Accounting elective courses whenever possible. For example, ACT3355 Accounting Information Systems, ACT3367 Financial Statement Analysis, ACT4350 Advanced Auditing and ACT4351 Advanced Taxation.


x) Represent the University in various competitions
Students are required to represent the University in at least one competition offered by outside organisations. In the past, such competitions have included the ACCA Job Hunting Competition, the HKICPA QP Case Analysis Competition, CIMA Global Business Challenge, Deloitte Tax Championship, EY Academy’s CSR Challenge, and the HKICS Corporate Governance Paper Competition.


xi) Engage in service for the community
Students are encouraged to engage in voluntary services for the department, the school, the professional community and the local community at large. These service opportunities include the Information Day and the annual ACCA Charity Fun Day.


xii) Take up a subscription to an English Newspaper or Magazine
Students will be required to subscribe to an English newspaper or magazine for one year, fully reimbursed by the department upon presentation of an official subscription receipt issued by the publisher.