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Graduate/Student Sharing





Kwok Lai Ying, Kimmy 
BBA (Hons) in Accounting Stream, Year 4 Student (2019/20)




Time management is crucial for all of us. I always think of how to accumulate as much as experience under limited time. I usually spend some time on preparing the lesson before class. I tried to go through the powerpoint once before the lesson, so that I have a general picture of the contents of that class. As a result, it is easier for me to construct the ideas and understand the knowledge during lesson. It may only take few minutes but the positive effect is obvious. Apart from that, it is useful to ask question immediately instead of before the tests and examination. As we might not be able to acquire deeper knowledge if we don't have clear foundation of it. It will be great if we can get the answer from your buddies, or it is always recommended to ask the professor directly.


In the coming future, I would like to be an accountant. Instead of choosing studying masters, getting professional qualifications is more important for accounting students who want to be an accountant in the future. I designed my career path before choosing the major. As there are several choices in BBA, it is better to decide our career path before that. Once I chose accounting as my major, I started to accumulate the relevant experiences, such as internship or business case competitions. Through those experiences, I know what kind of job can make me satisfied or annoyed. It helps me so much on developing myself with lots of soft skills. I also tried to join some business dinners to extend my networking. It is always treasurable to chat with those experienced.


Opportunity means all possibilities. As the old saying goes “nothing is impossible ”, it can represent the opportunities that I grasp in these years. At the very beginning, I thought that travelling out of Asia is far far away from me. When I get into the university, I received an email about working in Walt Disney world in September. I just tried to send the application form and to see any possibility for me to have a two months experience in the United States. Fortunately, I passed all the interview and being one of the participants of that programme. That was the most memorable summer for me! Therefore, we should not be afraid of grasping the opportunities, but put thoughts into practice in reality. University is a good place for you to step out of our comfort zone and get the oversea experiences. In addition, I represented the university to participate in various competitions such as HSBC case competition and ACCA business competition. It was a golden chance for us to know the ability of others and learn from them. Through participating the competitions, soft skills can be trained as well. Finally, my team won the championship of ACCA business case competition! I can’t believe that our efforts have been recognized. I believe it is always possible if we are willing to have one step forward.






機會意味著所有的可能性。俗話說,「沒有什麼是不可能的」,它可以代表我這幾年爭取到的機會。剛開始的時候,我以為亞洲之外的旅⾏離我很遠。當我進⼊⼤學的時候,我收到了⼀封關於9⽉份在華特迪⼠尼世界⼯作的郵件。剛開始我只是爭取機會試著遞交了申請表格,看看有沒有可能讓我在美國待兩個⽉。幸運的是,我通過了所有的⾯試,成為了那個項⽬的參與者之⼀。那是我最難忘的⼀個夏天! 因此,我們不應該害怕抓住機會,⽽是把想法付諸實踐。⼤學是⼀個讓我們⾛出舒適區,獲得海外經驗的好地⽅。此外,我還代表學校參加了匯豐案例⼤賽、ACCA商業⼤賽等各種⽐賽。這是我們瞭解他⼈能⼒並向他們學習的絕佳機會。通過參加⽐賽,軟技能也可以得到訓練。最後,我的團隊獲得了ACCA商業案例⼤賽的冠軍! 我不敢相信我們的努⼒得到了認可。我相信如果⼤家願意向前邁出⼀步,⼀切都有可能的。


Kimmy Kwok Lai Ying is a senior student of the accounting department of Lingnan University. She has gained a lot of achievements and experience in study, competition and job search. She and her team have won the championship of ACCA Business Case Competition. Kimmy is also a member of SEP (Student Enhancement Programme). We interviewed her about her successful experience.



Translation: Nicole Cao Ying


CHENG Kit Ying, Kim 
BBA (Hons) in Accounting Stream, Year 4 Student (2019/20)




Over the past years, our accounting department has provided me with a lot of valuable and precious opportunities that helped me to learn, grow and excel. With the support of our department, I took part in several competitions and networking events. I have met lots of profession’s elite as well as accounting students from other universities. Through communicating with them, I have learnt the common traits of being a successful leader in the accounting and banking industry.

Last summer, I started my career with PwC as an intern in the assurance practice. Little did I realize how important networking was and to get my efforts recognized by others. Hence, I had reached out to my colleagues in order to expand my network in the firm. You may ask, how do I get an internship in Big Four? It’s all about aptitude test and interview. The first stage of application is the screening of GPA and academic credentials with reference to your CV. The next stage is the aptitude test. The main purpose of it is to select candidates that possess the ability to work in Big Four. There would be a different standard in each firm. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to do sufficient research about the firm that you are applying for. The last stage of application is the interview. It may be frightening to most students including myself. Just remember the main goal of the interviewer is to know more about you and how well you will work and communicate with other colleagues. My personal tips would be to tell your story and to show that you are capable, competent and interested in the jobs. Treat the interview as a normal conversation with your friends as this will probably alleviate your stress and fear towards the interview.

“Seize every opportunity to enhance your skills, no matter they are technical skills or soft skills, and your efforts will be amply rewarded in the end.” That is my motto and the energy to push me forward. If you encounter any difficulties and problems, make sure to find your advisor, they are welcome to help you.






Translation: ZHAO Han