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BAO Dichu 鮑迪初


Associate Professor 

BA(Fudan Univ.); PhD (UT Dallas)

Department of Accountancy

Phone: (852) 2616-8174



Research Interests:

  • Corporate Disclosure
  • Financial Reporting
  • Auditing


Publication Lists:

Dichu Bao, Lixin (Nancy) Su, and Yong Zhang. 2022. “The Real Effects of Disclosure Regulation: Evidence from Mandatory CFO Compensation Disclosure” Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, forthcoming.

Dichu Bao, Yongtae Kim, and Lixin (Nancy) Su. 2021. “Do Firms Redact Information from Material Contracts to Conceal Bad News?” The Accounting Review, forthcoming.

Dichu Bao, Jong-Hag Choi, Byoung Uk Kang, and Woo-Jong Lee. 2021. “The Effect of External Audits: Evidence from Voluntary Audits of Hedge Funds” Accounting Horizons, 35(4): 23-43.

Dichu Bao, Yongtae Kim, G. Mujtaba Mian, and Lixin (Nancy) Su. 2019. “Do Managers Disclose or Withhold Bad News? Evidence from Short Interest” The Accounting Review, 94(3): 1-26.

Dichu Bao, Simon Yu Kit Fung, and Lixin (Nancy) Su. 2018. “Can Shareholders Be at Rest After Adopting Clawback Provisions? Evidence from Stock Price Crash Risk” Contemporary Accounting Research, 35(3): 1578-1615.

Dichu Bao, Kam C. Chan, and Weining Zhang. 2012. “Asymmetric Cash Flow Sensitivity of Cash Holdings” Journal of Corporate Finance, 18 (4):690-700.