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WU Feng, Harry 吳峰


Associate Professor

MEcon (RUC); PhD (UH-Manoa)

Department of Accountancy

Phone: (852) 2616-8177



Research Interests:

  • Accounting disclosure
  • Sustainability & Environment
  • Banking
  • Behavioral finance


Major Teaching Interests:

  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Managerial Accounting
  • ESG in Business and Accounting


Selected Journal Publications:

The Real Effects of Risk Disclosures: Evidence from Climate Change Reporting in 10-Ks. 2022. J.-B. Kim, C. Wang, F. Wu. Review of Accounting Studies, forthcoming.

Firm Climate Risk, Risk Management, and Bank Loan Financing. 2022. H. Huang, J. Kerstein, C. Wang, F. Wu. Strategic Management Journal, forthcoming.

Accounting-Based Downside Risk, Cost of Capital, and the Macroeconomy. 2016. Y. Konchitchki, Y. Luo, M. Ma, F. Wu. Review of Accounting Studies 21, 1-36.

Conditional Extreme Risk, Black Swan Hedging, and Asset Prices. 2020. G. Rhee, F. Wu. Journal of Empirical Finance 58, 412-435.

Extreme Downside Risk and Expected Stock Returns. 2012. W. Huang, Q. Liu, G. Rhee, F. Wu. Journal of Banking and Finance 36, 1492-1502.

Anything Wrong with Breaking a Buck? An Empirical Evaluation of NASDAQ’s $1 Minimum Bid Price Maintenance Criterion. 2012. G. Rhee, F. Wu. Journal of Financial Markets 15, 258-285.