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Zhang Yue 張玥


Associate Professor and Head of Department of Accountancy, Faculty of Business

BA (Nankai Univ.); MSc. (UT Dallas); MBA (UT Dallas); PhD (UT Dallas)

Department of Accountancy

Phone: (852) 2616-8164

Email: [email protected]


Research Interests:

  • Capital market
  • Supply chain
  • CSR

Major Teaching Interests:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting

Refereed Journal Publications:

When doing good for society is good for shareholders: importance of alignment between strategy and CSR performance, co-authored with Rajiv Banker, Xinjie Ma, and Carol Pomare, Review of Accounting Studies, 2023 (28):1074–1106.

Risk Pooling, Supply Chain Hierarchy, and Analysts’ Forecasts, co-authored with Nan Hu, Jian-Yu Ke, and Ling Liu, Production and Operations Management 2018, 28(2):  276-291.

Kim, J. B., Song, B., and Zhang, Y. 2015. Earnings performance of major customers and bank loan contracting. Journal of Banking and Finance 59: 384–398.
Guan, Y., Wong, F., and Zhang, Y. 2015. Analyst following along the supply chain. Review of Accounting Studies 20 (1): 210-214.
Radhakrishnan, S., Wang, Z., and Zhang, Y. 2015. Customers’ capital market information quality and suppliers’ performance. Production and Operations Management 23 (10): 1690-1705.