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Accounting and Corporate Governance Student Enhancement Programme (ACGSEP)



The Programme

ACGSEP is becoming well-known among accounting, finance and corporate governance professionals, especially among the members of the Department’s Advisory Board who are big four partners and sit on the boards of listed companies etc.


From the academic year 2019/20, all Year 3 Accounting and Corporate Governance major students will be automatically enrolled in the ACGSEP to improve their chances of gaining employment with prominent firms in Hong Kong. Such firms include, but are not limited to, the major accounting firms and leading public and private corporations.


The purpose of the ACGSEP is to give all Accounting and Corporate Governance students the opportunity to develop personal qualities that are sought after by such firms when selecting applicants for interview and when choosing successful candidates in those interviews. Examples of such qualities are good communication skills and a broad knowledge base, including an awareness of current business, accounting and corporate governance issues.


The ACGSEP will this year operate for a maximum of 16 months from the beginning of Term 1 in students’ Year 3 to the end of December in their Year 4. Students are encouraged to complete the ACGSEP requirements as soon as possible for early graduation from the Programme..


Graduates of ACGSEP will be deemed to have achieved a special level of attainment for employment. They will be recommended by the Department to firms for employment, thereby enhancing their employment prospects. They will also be awarded a certificate prepared by the Department to showcase their excellence to potential employers.


Students who enrol in exchange programmes overseas will still be enrolled in the ACGSEP and have the opportunity to benefit from the Programme.


In order to graduate from the ACGSEP, any 4 out of 7 requirements should be fulfilled to graduate from this programme. Students should keep a complete record of their fulfilment of these requirements. Upon applying for graduation from the Programme, students shall be requested by the Department to present proof of their activities.



Programme Requirements (Any 4 out of 7 requirements to be fulfilled)


1) Attend recruitment talks and information sessions by representatives of firms/professional bodies organised by the Department and SSC

Students must attend, during the 16 months of the Programme, a minimum of 3 recruitment talks and information sessions offered by representatives of prominent firms and leaders of the accounting and corporate governance professions.



2) Attend mock interview session

Students must attend at least one mock interview session when arranged by the Department of Accountancy, SSC or other organisations. Such session may include discussion on the preparation of application letters and CVs, and special conversation classes focused on preparing students for employment interviews.



3) Undertake accounting internships or enrol in the Accounting Practicum

Students must undertake an accounting and corporate governance internship or enrol in ACT4001 Accounting Practicum. The Department will try its best to nominate students for internships with accounting firms.

However, successful placement on internships depends largely on the availability of the internship positions as well as the decisions of the accounting firms. Therefore, students are also encouraged to seek other internship opportunities such as the ones offered by the UPO and SSC.


Taking ACT4001 The Accounting Practicum, essentially a guided one-semester accounting internship incorporating a service-learning element, represents a very good opportunity to satisfy this requirement as well as requirements 5 and 7 (see below).



4) Achieve a score of 6.5 or above in the exit test in English or an equivalent score

Students must achieve a score of 6.5 or above in the IELTS exit test, or achieve an equivalent score in other recognized English test upon approval from the Department of Accountancy before the Programme closes in December of their final year.



5) Take Accounting and Corporate Governance stream elective course(s)

Accounting and Corporate Governance students must take at least one Accounting and Corporate Governance major elective course or cluster course offered by the Department of Accountancy out of their six free electives, for example, ACT3367 Financial Statement Analysis, ACT4350 Advanced Auditing, ACT4351 Advanced Taxation, ACT4001 Accounting Practicum, CLC9020 Law in Everyday Life, CLE9002 Ethical Issues Facing Young Professionals, CLE9003 Why People Pay Taxes, and CLE9019 The Legal System of the PRC..



6) Represent the University in an external competition

Students must represent the University in at least one competition offered by outside organisations. In the past, such competitions have included the ACCA Job Hunting Competition, the HKICPA QP Case Analysis Competition, CIMA Global Business Challenge, Deloitte Tax Championship, EY Academy’s CSR Challenge, and the HKICS Corporate Governance Paper Competition.



7) Engage in service for the community

Students must engage in voluntary services for the Department, the University, the professional community or the local community at large. Service opportunities include the Lingnan Information Day, being a student helper in BBA stream allocation forum, etc. Enrolling in ACT4001 Accounting Practicum or producing OR publishing two articles in the web-platforms of the Department will also satisfy this requirement.