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Important Notes to Applicants for MPhil/PhD Programmes

Thank you for your interest in our Master of Philosophy (MPhil) / Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Programmes.

  1. Before completing the application form, please read the information about the MPhil/PhD Programmes and application procedures available from our research postgraduate programme website at:

  2. For Hong Kong PhD Fellowship applicants, the deadline for submission of full applications is 2 December 2018 (Sunday) (HKT 23:59). For direct applications to MPhil/PhD programmes, the University will accept applications from 1 November 2018 (Thursday) to 25 January 2019 (Friday) (HKT 23:59).

  3. The normal application fee is HK$200 per programme. The application fee is non-refundable.

  4. An applicant is expected to submit one application indicating one programme choice. The maximum number of programmes an applicant may apply for is two. Only one programme can be applied for in one application. An applicant who wishes to apply for two programmes has to submit two applications. The programme chosen in the application submitted earlier will be regarded as the first choice and the one chosen in the application submitted later will be regarded as the second choice. The order of programme priority cannot be changed.

  5. Two confidential references are required in support of an application (three confidential references are necessary in support of an application to PhD in Business programme. At least one should be an academic referee). The referee should return the completed form of confidential reference directly to the Registry of the University before the deadline for applications.

  6. An applicant should upload a research proposal (one for each application), and other relevant documents to substantiate the qualifications entered on the application forms. If any of the test/examination report, graduation certificate or other material is not yet available at the time of application submission, the applicant may submit the outstanding material afterwards by uploading into the system. For HKPFS applicants, additionally they are required to submit a brief research plan, a vision statement, a statement of his/her own international experience and a TOEFL/IELTS test report (for an applicant whose degree is from a non-English speaking tertiary institution) in support of the application.

  7. After submission of application, applicants are not allowed to change the information in the system. Please inform the Registry by email or by fax in case any updates are needed.

  8. An application for Postgraduate Studentship is optional. An applicant for full-time studies who wishes to apply for the award shall indicate his/her preference in the application form.

  9. Any false or misleading information given in the forms or any dishonest conduct observed during the admission application process will lead to disqualification of the application for admission to or termination of studies at Lingnan University if admitted. Any fees paid will be forfeited.



Please contact the Registry at:
Telephone No. : (852) 2616 8750