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嶺大體驗日 Exploration Day 2023

This event is completed. Thank you. 



Save Your Date on JUNE 15 to Explore Your Undergraduate Options at Lingnan University!

Events are free-of-charge. You may find all event descriptions and registration method below.


Reserve your seats now. All events are on a first-come-first-served basis.



BA (Hons) in Animation and Digital Arts
Exploration Topic Students' Work Showcase by Animation and Digital Arts Major
Exploration Time 10am – 5pm (Consultation Session: 2:30pm – 3:30pm)
Language Cantonese/English

This showcase features the original and creative works of our students in the form of 3D Modelling, Motion Graphics, and Short Animations. Are you ready to turn on your imagination?


BA (Hons) in Chinese

Exploration Topic Exhibition & Consultation Session: Why Study Chinese at Lingnan?
展覽及諮詢會: 為何選擇嶺大中文系?
Exploration Time  1pm – 5pm
Language Cantonese/Putonghua/English

Join us for an exhibition and a consultation session with faculty, alumni, and current students, to gain first-hand insights about the Department of Chinese at Lingnan University. You will get to learn more about the Department’s course offerings, student activities, faculty research areas, internship and exchange opportunities, as well as possible career options after graduation.


BA (Hons) in Contemporary English Studies

Exploration Topic Department of English Programme Talk: Why study English? Literature, Culture, Identity. (PLUS Students’ Final Year Project Display)
Exploration Time  2:30pm – 4pm
Language English (supplemented with Cantonese)
Description The talk explores the advantages of studying English literature in Lingnan University with respect to both practical skills and the students’ personal growth.

BA (Hons) in Cultural Studies

Exploration Topic Department of Cultural Studies Programme Talk and Q&A
Exploration Time 10am – 11am
Language English/Cantonese

Admissions Coordinators Prof Lisa Leung and Prof Yvonne Yau will provide you the best insights that you must know regarding the Cultural Studies programme and introduce you to the various opportunties and areas of cultural studies which you might want to tap into.


Exploration Topic Mini Lecture: Exit the Dragon, Or To Be Continued? Transiting Martial Arts Culture in Hong Kong 
Exploration Time 11am – 12nn
Language English/Cantonese

Hong Kong’s martial arts culture has taken on a phenomenal number of cultural forms, and its vivid portrayals have made Hong Kong famous and influenced global combat culture. However, despite martial arts culture being prevalent in everyday life, the younger generation in the city seems to be shifting preferences from Kung Fu to Thai boxing and from Shaw Brothers to Marvel. This raises the question of whether the local martial arts culture is being replaced by foreign elements or even disappearing.

This mini lecture examines three critical historical moments in Hong Kong - the post-war period, the handover, and the post-COVID era - to provide you the insights that how the changing martial arts culture articulates with the transforming and hybrid nature of the city.



BA (Hons) in History

Exploration Topic Department of History Programme Talk and Student Sharing in Small Groups
Exploration Time  11am – 12:15pm
Language Cantonese

The event will start with a 20-minute programme talk by the Head of the Department, followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. For the remaining time, current History students will share their experience with prospective students in small groups.


BA (Hons) in Philosophy

Exploration Topic

Seminar (Part 1): What is Philosophy? 
研討會 (第一部分):什麼是哲學?

Seminar (Part 2): Ethical Reasoning in Contemporary Society 
研討會 (第二部分):當代社會中的倫理思維 

Exploration Time 

11:30am – 12:30pm; and

3pm – 4pm

Language Cantonese

Philosophy is one of the classic representatives of Liberal Arts. Examining our lives and values, it can be both detached and down-to-earth, and it both creates and solves deep puzzles. Come and explore more!


BA (Hons) in Translation, Cross-cultural Studies and Corporate Communication

Exploration Topic Seminar: Translation, Culture, and Business
Exploration Time  12nn – 1pm
Language English/Cantonese

Join us for an exciting exploration of the nexus between Translation, Culture and Business. Our seminar will delve into the dynamic interplay between translation and culture, and how it compounds the sublime nuances and diverse implications of business translations.


BA (Hons) in Visual Studies
Exploration Topic 微講座:當香港遇上韓國:香港流行文化之復興?從Mirror說起
Exploration Time 11am – 12nn
Language Cantonese
Description 過去二十年,韓流襲地球,香港大部份的流行文化觀眾受其吸引,陸續追捧韓國電影、韓劇及KPop。近年,香港男團Mirror自ViuTV及其節目《全民造星》中出道,不論是在流行曲,還是電影業上,均大量地把業已失去的觀眾吸引回來。據此,我們是否可以說香港流行文化自此復興?是次講座以產業角度,與同學探討Mirror為香港流行文化帶來的改變,以及後續的Collar與韓團比較起來,有何優勢?又有何劣勢?
Exploration Topic Students' Work Showcase by Visual Studies Major
Exploration Time 10am – 5pm (Consultation Session: 2:30pm – 3:30pm)
Language Cantonese/English

Sit back and enjoy a selection of short films, documentaries, music videos and a range of other works produced by our students who will present to you their aesthetic talents and great stories.


Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)

Exploration Topic Faculty of Business Programme Talk and Student Sharing
Exploration Time  10am – 5pm
Language English/Cantonese

The Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) programme comprises 4 majors for selection when students enter Year 2. Come to know more about what opportunities you will be offered and what the 4 majors are.

工商管理學士(榮譽)課程包含4個主修,讓學生進入第二年時自由選擇自己感興趣的方向。我們邀請你前來瞭解修讀工商管理所得到的機會以及讓我們為揭開這 4 個專業的面紗。

BBA (Hons) - Risk and Insurance Management

Exploration Topic Faculty of Business Programme Talk and Student Sharing
Exploration Time  10am – 5pm
Language English/Cantonese

The Risk and Insurance Management programme is a flagship programme under the Faculty of Business. Come to know more about the risk of studying the programme and how you might be able to manage it perfectly.


BSc (Hons) in Data Science

Exploration Topic Seminar: An Opportunity to Unleash Your Potential in Data Science and A.I.
Exploration Time  2pm – 2:30pm
Language English (supplemented with Cantonese)

This seminar will tell you more about the Data Science programme and your upcoming participation in the Data Science & A.I. trend.


BLA (Hons) in Global Development and Sustainability

Exploration Topic Mini Lecture & Student Sharing: The Many Sides of Sustainability
Exploration Time  12nn – 12:45pm
Language English (supplemented with Cantonese)

When you hear the word "sustainability", do you think of climate change? Or eco-friendly practices like recycling? This interactive talk and student sharing will highlight the many sides of sustainability. We will demonstrate how environment, society and economy must be interconnected to create a sustainable world. Current students and the Associate Programme Director of the Global Sustainability and Development Programme will explain how the programme's curricular and co-curricular opportunities prepare students for work in a wide range of sustainability-related fields.

當您聽到“可持續性”這個詞時,您會想到什麼? 氣候變化?或是回收等環保議題?透過今次互動式的講座及學生分享,大家可了解到可持續發展的不同面向。我們將為大家展示環境、社會和經濟各方面需要如何相互配合及連繫,才能創造一個可持續發展的世界。在讀學生和環球可持續發展課程(GDS)副總監周愛靈教授將分享GDS的課程設計和多元化的課外學習機會能如何幫助同學為從事廣泛的可持續發展相關領域的工作做好準備。

BSocSci (Hons) - Economics

Exploration Topic Seminar: The Career Prospects of Economics Graduate 
Exploration Time 11am – 12nn; or
2:45pm – 3:45pm
Language Cantonese

The talk will introduce the 40+ career prospects of social science economics graduates: their job nature, employers, etc.  This includes
• Banking & Finance careers
• People-oriented careers
• Careers in the Social & Public sector
• Marketing careers & beyond

• 銀行與金融相關職業
• 以人為本的相關事業
• 社會和公共部門的相關職業
• 營銷的相關職業以及更多可能性

Exploration Topic 微講座:從經濟學看「Mirror熱潮」
Mini Lecture: The "Mirror" Wave (Cantopop Boy Group) through the Lens of Economics
Exploration Time 2pm – 2:45pm
Language Cantonese


The Hong Kong local Cantopop boy group "Mirror" has brought a new wave of enthusiasm to the Hong Kong music industry. They have garnered a large number of supporters from all age categories and worked collaboratively with countless companies. The 12 members of the boy group could be seen everywhere in all kinds of advertisements. This mini lecture attempts to look at the "Mirror" phenomenon and its recipe for success from the perspective of Economics.

BSocSci (Hons) - Government and International Affairs

Exploration Topic Introduction to Government and International Affairs (GOV)
Exploration Time  11am – 11:30am
Language Cantonese/English

Prof Kwok Chi who specializes in Political Theory and Development Studies will give you a comprehensive introduction about the Government and International Affairs programme and the various opportunities available for its students.


BSocSci (Hons) - Health and Social Services Management

Exploration Topic Health and Social Services Management Programme Talk and Student Sharing
Exploration Time  2pm – 3pm
Language Cantonese/English

Programme Coordinator Prof Dickson Chan will introduce the Health and Social Services Management Programme during the event, and invite current students to share their learning experiences in this programme.


BSocSci (Hons) - Psychology

Exploration Topic Experiments/Games/Tests: Psychology Discovery in University 
Exploration Time 10am – 1pm; or
2pm – 5pm
Language Cantonese/English

You may have heard about Psychology from TV programmes or short videos on video-sharing platforms. But do you know the way for psychologists to study psychology? Do you know how psychology can be related to our daily life? In our booth, you can participate in a famous psychology experiment. Also, there will be a game and art workshop to show you the relevance of psychology and our life.


Exploration Topic Seminar: From Sensory Stimulation to the World of Psychology
Exploration Time 11am – 12nn
Language Cantonese/English

We make sense of the world based on what we see, hear, touch, etc. These sensory and perceptual processes are also fundamental to many psychological phenomena. We will begin this talk by discussing how some visual illusions work and what they tell us about our mind and brain. Then, we will go beyond perception and illustrate how psychologists apply the similar principles in understanding other behaviors and mental processes.


Exploration Topic Casual Chit Chat/Sharing: What is it like to be a PSY Student at Lingnan?
Exploration Time 12nn – 1pm
Language Cantonese/English

Current psychology students will share their learning experience at Lingnan with the attendees and academic staff will answer questions from attendees regarding the program.


Exploration Topic Seminar: Feeling Better - A Glimpse of the Science Behind Emotion, and its Regulation
研討會:感覺更好 – 一瞥情緒背後的科學及其調節
Exploration Time 2pm – 3pm
Language Cantonese/English

Emotion is a universal human experience. In this short talk, we are going to take a quick glance through what psychologists have learned about emotion. We will explore some of the biological and social factors that influence emotional experiences and expressions and learn about how strategies for emotion regulation are developed based on these ideas. 


BSocSci (Hons) - Social and Public Policy Studies

Exploration Topic Mini Lecture: Towards a Fairer Digital Society? Insights from Platform Work and Algorithmic Power
短講:邁向更公平的數碼社會? 平台工作與演算法權力的啟示
Exploration Time 2:30pm – 3:30pm
Language Cantonese (supplemented with PowerPoint in English)

This talk will discuss about the issues related to digital technologies, platform work, social policies, and the gig economy in Hong Kong. Based on some research findings, platform workers’ perspectives on precarious employment and labour protection will be presented.


Exploration Topic Student Sharing: Through the Lens of the Service-Learning Course "SOC3327 Social Welfare and Social Problems in Hong Kong"
Exploration Time 11am – 4pm
Language Cantonese/English

Background: This course provides students with conceptual tools to understand and analyse social problems and social welfare policies in a cross-national perspective. They will be equipped to apply various analytical principles to contemporary issues in social welfare and social security in Hong Kong and other countries.


BSocSci (Hons) - Sociology

Exploration Topic Mini Lecture: Everyday Life Sociology 
Exploration Time 11:30am – 12:30pm
Language Cantonese (supplemented with PowerPoint in English)

This talk will explore the relationship between sociology and our everyday life. It will introduce some basic sociological concepts and guide the audience to understand various social phenomena through the lens of sociology.


Exploration Topic Student Sharing: Through the Lens of the Service-Learning Course "SOC3212 Hong Kong Society" 
Exploration Time 11am – 4pm
Language Cantonese/English

Background: This course introduces students to the history, culture, social structure and social changes in Hong Kong since 1841 with a comprehensive overview that will provide them with the necessary facts and perspectives demanded by a liberal arts education.


Undergraduate Admissions Office, Registry

Exploration Topic AR Campus Hunt / Guided Campus Tour
AR 校園尋寶 / 校園導賞遊
Exploration Time 10am – 5pm
Language Cantonese/English

Lingnan's brand new AR Campus Hunt and Guided Campus Tour offer a unique experience for visitors to immerse into our serene and multi-cultural campus. Our student ambassadors will guide you around the campus and on how to win our special gifts. 


Exploration Topic Consultation Session (UG Admissions)
Exploration Time 10am – 12nn; or
2pm – 5pm
Language Cantonese/English

Our Admissions Officers will be present to answer questions regarding admissions to Undergraduate Studies at Lingnan University and also other questions related to university life.