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Undergraduate Admissions

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JUPAS Sub-systems/Schemes

JUPAS Sub-system for Applicants with a Disability

The Sub-system is intended to enable applicants with a disability to find out as early as possible the special assistance and facilities that could be provided to them on their admission. It also helps the University provide help and advice to them at an early stage.

JUPAS Sub-system for School Principal's Nominations (SPN) 

The main objective of this Sub-system is to give due recognition to students who have contributed to social services or made outstanding achievements in non-academic areas such as sports, music, social services, other cultural activities, or who have demonstrated leadership abilities.

Other Experiences and Achievements in Competitions/Activities (OEA) 

Other Experiences and Achievements in Competitions/Activities (OEA) is a key feature for fostering a "whole-person development", and is one of the factors in addition to achievements at HKDSE which the institutions will consider.

To facilitate institutions in considering applicants’ performances in activities in addition to their academic results, applicants are advised to submit their OEA information, which is part of the JUPAS online application form.  Applicants should make reference to their own Student Learning Profile (SLP) when completing the information.

Such information will serve as important additional reference for admission selection and can also be used as a framework for discussions during selection interviews, if any.

Student Learning Profile (SLP) 

Lingnan University recognises SLP as a document of value for admissions purposes. With the adoption of a summary template (i.e. the OEA form), the submission of full SLP is optional. Your full SLP can either be uploaded to the JUPAS online application system in PDF format or be submitted to individual programmes when you are invited for interviews.

Please refer to the JUPAS website for details on participation in the Sub-systems/Schemes above.

School Nominations Direct Admission Scheme (SNDAS) 

Introduced since the 2022/23 academic year, SNDAS aims to recognize the talent of local secondary students that could not be fully assessed by HKDSE Examinations. Please refer to the EDB website for details. The SNDAS nominations by secondary schools or enquiries should be sent to directly.