Career Prospects

Based on an employment survey conducted by the Student Services Centre of Lingnan in 2018, the majority of our full-time employed graduates (69.9%) were employed in the Commerce & Industry sector, while 15.5% were employed in the Education sector, 7.2% in the Community & Social Services sector, 4.1% in Government departments/units, 3.0% in Arts & Culture sector and 0.4% in Others.

By occupation, the top four occupations which 2018 Lingnan graduates took up were:

  • Teaching and Education Profession (14.4%)
  • Management Consultant/Executive Profession (10.1%)
  • Marketing/Sales Executives/Supervisors (10.0%)
  • Accountants/Auditors (8.3%)

Apart from joining the workforce, some graduates chose to pursue further studies in Hong Kong and overseas institutions.