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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Animation and Digital Arts

Objectives & Characteristics of Animation and Digital Arts (ADA) 

Objectives of the Programme:

  1. To provide students with creative arts education with a solid art history foundation.
  2. To foster the development of students’ creativity and innovation through interactive skill courses. 
  3. To equip students with the skill set necessary for entering the creative industry upon graduation. 

Characteristics of the Programme:

Characteristics of the Programme:

BA (Hons) in Animation and Digital Arts (ADA) not only focuses on nurturing students’ technical skills but also cultivate students’ theoretical knowledge by offering courses related to arts history and theories, aiming at providing students with a secure foundation for creating. 

The Animation and Digital Arts programme is also a blend of arts and technology. By adopting different digital devices, students could seek for various means to create and express their products, encouraging and fostering the growth of their creativity.

The Self-financed and UGC-funded ADA students enjoy equal opportunities. This allows our students to broaden their horizons by studying and observing the development and prosperity of the creative industry in other parts of the world. This valuable experience is of much importance to both the students’ academic and career pathway.