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Undergraduate Admissions

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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Global Liberal Arts

BA (Hons) in Global Liberal Arts Overview

Nurturing multi-faceted leaders in a shifting world

In a time when skills, knowledge and social awareness are indivisible from each other, the Global Liberal Arts Programme (GLAP) has established its status as the first university liberal arts programme in Hong Kong that aims to cultivate global leaders of tomorrow.

Boasting a learning experience that spans continents and disciplines, this undergraduate degree immerses students in a rich environment of cross-disciplinary perspectives and critical rumination on knowledge and global issues. 

Broad spectrum of study areas under the guidance of industry leaders

One of the special features of the programme is its interdisciplinary curriculum design, which grants students access to a range of professional study areas, including Global Business and Entrepreneurship; Arts, Science, Technology and Society; Greater China: History, Culture and Society; and Globalisation: Challenges and Opportunities. 

Each student can choose to take four elective courses in a particular study area in order to declare concentration in that study area, on top of which a capstone project and five core courses are prerequisites to graduate. An academic adviser will be assigned to each student to walk them through the course selection process – taken in Lingnan University or abroad – and to guide them in developing their study focus and completing the capstone research project which addresses issues arising from social sciences, arts and the business sector.

The programme’s all-rounded advising system does not stop here. Every GLAP student will also be entrusted to a mentor, a distinguished leader in the local and international context in respective professions. The mentors include the Honourable Bernard Charnwut Chan, GBS, JP, Mr Rex Auyeung Pak-kuen, JP and Professor Frederick Ma Si-hang, GBS, JP. Students can and will not only benefit from the expertise and success stories these mentors impart, but also possibly gain entry into the intricate network of these mentors.