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Undergraduate Admissions

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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in History

BA (Hons) in History Overview

Connecting Past and Present

Overseen by Department of History, this undergraduate degree provides a challenging bilingual education in English and Chinese. It enables students to gain a better understanding of the forces affecting historical change and development, and gives them the analytical skills to evaluate trends, understand current issues, and to make reasoned decisions. 

Knowledge in real demand 

As Hong Kong continues to evolve as a service- and knowledge-based economy, individuals with a thorough understanding of history have come to play an ever more important role. For instance, graduates of the programme have found meaningful employment in such wide-ranging fields as government, business, the media and education. 

That’s because Lingnan history graduates develop the ability to think critically, conduct in-depth research, analyse problems, organise materials, and communicate effectively. They are trained in a way that encourages flexibility, and this ability to adapt to the future with an eye on the past ensures they are well positioned as prospective employees in the Hong Kong job market.

Graduates can also opt to pursue further studies in history or other arts disciplines, including humanities and social sciences, as a prelude to a career in academia. 

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in History overview