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Undergraduate Admissions

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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Philosophy

BA (Hons) in Philosophy Overview

Interdisciplinary courses embracing Eastern and Western philosophy

The BA (Hons) Philosophy is designed to introduce students to contemporary philosophy and acquaint them with the history of the discipline. It places particular emphasis on training students to be skilled at understanding, responding to, and developing philosophical arguments. 

Designed and overseen by the Department of Philosophy, the programme provides a rigorous and balanced education, including instruction in analytical thinking, effective communication and writing skills, which are widely regarded as essential tools for success in the workplace.

More than intellectual training and development

Besides covering teachings of both the Eastern and Western philosophical traditions, the programme includes other topics central to the discipline such as logic, ethics, the theory of knowledge, and the philosophy of language. The four-year undergraduate degree also helps students further develop important intellectual skills like critical thinking and the ability to write and speak about complex topics with clarity and precision. 

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Philosophy overview