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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Visual Studies

BA (Hons) in Visual Studies Overview

Bringing together art history, film studies and philosophical aesthetics 

The BA (Hons) Visual Studies at Lingnan University adopts a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to the study of art, film, aesthetics, video games, and visual expression and appreciation. It engages students in research expression through art practice. The emphasis on philosophical aesthetics gives the programme a unique profile, as does the focus on Chinese art in a global context and cognitive approaches to film. The programme aims to develop students’ capacity to make cross-disciplinary connections amongst these areas through an issues-oriented approach. It also aims to foster values that result in lifelong engagement with creativity, art and community.

Artist-in-residence programme – engaging with the art world

The Department of Visual Studies launched the Artist-in-Residence programme in 2006. Bringing in one local and one overseas-based artist on an annual basis is a way to give students studio practice courses in a wide range of media.

One goal of the programme is to help students understand the world of art from the practitioners’ perspectives. Each residency concludes with an exhibition of work, occasions which also give students involvement and practical experience in curating. The complementary studio practice courses are taught by a full-time member of staff. 

In addition, further learning of a practical nature is encouraged through an internship programme and several courses with a service-learning component. These aim to extend community engagement and knowledge transfer. 

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Visual Studies