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Undergraduate Admissions

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Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) (for Senior Year admission)

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) - Health and Social Services Management Overview

The programme is a response to an increasing demand for health and social care services professionals in an ageing, innovation-oriented and technology-driven society. It will equip students with essential knowledge and skills to uptake employment opportunities arising from the increasing health and social care needs and a rapid expansion of the social enterprises in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the Programme, students will be able to:

  • Apply theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge skills to plan, lead and manage the delivery of health and social services. 
  • Demonstrate the use of essential skills for completing grant applications and evaluating services outcomes.  
  • Develop the abilities to create innovative ideas and develop social enterprises. 
  • Execute critical skills in working in groups and mobilising financial and human resources for health and social services delivery.
  • Integrate a range of skills to identify and manage institutional and community-based health and social problems. 
  • Evaluate appropriate assistive technologies and innovative approaches to design programmes for social services users and stakeholders.