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Undergraduate Admissions

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Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) (for Senior Year admission)

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) - Psychology Overview

The program aims to offer comprehensive undergraduate training to students interested in learning about psychology and its application. In this program, students will acquire foundational knowledge in courses such as Introduction to Psychology, Biological Psychology, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, and Research Methods and Statistics for Psychology. At the advanced level, students will learn to apply psychology knowledge in subjects such as Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Health Psychology, Environmental Psychology, Stress management, Positive Psychology. Through training in knowledge and application, graduates of this program are prepared to be critical users of psychological science in everyday life.

Highlights of the programme

For further study or employment in counselling or mental health related professions (e.g. social work, school psychology, healthcare, or human resources), students may opt to graduate with the Concentration in Counselling Psychology upon completion of a set of specialized courses. These courses include Human Development and Psychology of Adulthood, Abnormal Psychology, Psychological Testing and Assessment, Stress and Coping: Theory and Practices, and Counselling Psychology, which focus on providing students with basic knowledge and skills in counselling practice.

Career prospects

  • Psychology graduates have broad career prospects. According to the 2020 Lingnan University Graduate Employment Survey, the majority of psychology graduates successfully secured full-time employment within three months after graduation.  
  • Our graduates can be found in a wide range of sectors, including officers in community and social services (e.g., non-governmental organisations (NGOs)), teachers/educational personnel in the education sector, and business services and communication in commerce and industry. 
  • Others pursue further studies by enrolling in relevant postgraduate programmes (e.g., clinical psychology, educational psychology, counselling psychology, social work, etc.) in local or overseas universities. 

Internship/Exchange opportunities

Most of our students have the opportunities to study abroad or in mainland China for one academic term or in summer/winter programmes.