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Undergraduate Admissions

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Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) (for Senior Year admission)

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) - Sociology Overview

Sociology means the “science of society”. It aims to use scientific methods such as questionnaire survey, in-depth interview and field observation to study human behaviors in a social setting.

Sociology students are not passive learners; rather they have a practical mindset. They want to know how social inequalities and poverty can be overcome, and propose feasible solutions to these and other social problems.

Another key concern of sociology is to build an inclusive society for all citizens, in which disadvantaged and marginal groups such as ethnic minorities can have the same opportunities to follow their dreams.

Sociology students are interested to study how social institutions such as the family, education, economy, government and non-profit organizations operate. They want to figure out how various social groups can cooperate with each other to bring about positive social change, such as promoting the well-being of the elderly, women, workers, and other people in need.

Career prospects

With a solid training in social scientific knowledge, analytical thinking and research skills, sociology graduates are highly welcomed by employers in the private, public and non-profit sectors. Their familiarity with social issues and sensitivity to social needs are important attributes of a competent employee.

Most of our graduates can find full-time employment shortly after graduation, particularly in commerce and industry, community and social services, and education. Sociology students now have an additional competitive advantage, as businesses are keen to practice corporate social responsibility, and the government strongly promotes social innovation.

With a broad knowledge base and specialized skill set, sociology graduates are best equipped to pursue further studies in sociology and related professional fields, such as Master of Social Work, Master of Education, and Master of Comparative Social Policy in Hong Kong and overseas.

Internship/Exchange opportunities

Department of Sociology and Social Policy collaborates with the Hong Kong Council of Social Service to offer the “Social Impact Assessment Scheme”. By joining this scheme, students will have the opportunity to work with social enterprises and social startups in Hong Kong. Upon attending training workshops on social entrepreneurship, social innovation, design thinking and other related topics, students learn to assess the effectiveness of social enterprises in making positive impacts on our society. Their study reports also offer an important reference for the government to evaluate its social policies.