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Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Business Psychology (Self-financed)

Objectives & Programme Highlights of Business Psychology


Objectives of the Programme

The proposed Programme is particularly designed for students who are interested in psychology with strong interest in the application of psychological knowledge in business and organizational settings. The programme intends to create a learning platform with strong fundamental psychology training and specialized courses that allow our students to critically apply psychological principles in modern business environment. Key objectives of the programme include:

  1. Equip students with broad knowledge and understanding of psychological principles
  2. Nurture students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers who can tackle organizational issues through the use of psychological principles
  3. Sharpen students’ awareness of the diversity and key challenges in modern work and business context
  4. Able to conduct independent scientific research to understand issues occurred in business and organizational environment


Programme Highlights

In line with the liberal arts tradition of the Lingnan University, the new Business Psychology programme provides broad-based learning opportunity for undergraduates. The curriculum entails strong language training, both in Chinese and English. Students are also expected to enrol in core and cluster courses with various themes. From the third year onward, students can choose a wide array of psychology related subjects. Building upon the strong research of applied psychology in Lingnan University, students are expected to conduct an independent research with the instructor of the programme. Similar to other undergraduate programmes, the newly proposed programme consists of 120 credits which normally take 4 years of full-time studies to complete.