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Undergraduate Admissions

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Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours)

BSocSc Overview - Understanding current societal issues, and equipping your future with practical learning 

Highlights for Senior Year Admission

What makes the Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) Programme a unique place for teaching & learning in Hong Kong?

The Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) programme is an integral part of Lingnan’s mission to provide internationally leading liberal arts education and provides students with a broad and coherent intellectual base to prepare them for the labour market: 91% of our graduates sought full-time employment within the first three months from graduation. 

The Faculty of Social Sciences, with its four constituent Departments (Applied Psychology, Economics, Political Science, Sociology and Social Policy) offers a close student-teacher relationship and diversity of interdisciplinary courses: 94% of our tutorials are taught in class sizes below 20 students.

Through a variety of applied courses, service-learning, study/field trips, summer internships, and Lingnan’s international exchange programme, our students have first-hand opportunities to experience the integration of theories and practice: 98% of our students gain local or international experiential learning experiences.



Under the Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) Programme, we have a total of 7 Majors. First and senior year (Year 3 Entry) students are required to take up one. Successful senior year admittees will be admitted to year three directly. The normal duration for full-time first and senior year students is four and two years, respectively.


Majors Offered to First Year Student in 2021/22 AY

Discipline Majors/Streams Offered to Senior Year Students (Year 3 Entry) in 2021/22 AY



Political Science

Political Science


Psychology with Counselling Psychology Concentration*



Social and Public Policy Studies#

Social and Public Policy Studies Stream#


Health and Social Services Management Stream


International Economy and Politics Stream


*First year students are qualified for declaring the “Counselling Psychology Concentration” after completing the specified courses in Psychology, while the senior year students are REQUIRED to take the Concentration

#Students are qualified for declaring the Concentration in Smart Cities and Digital Society after completing the specified courses under the Major.


  • Explores how to tackle dilemmas and difficult choices under limited resources
  • Studies the consequences of such choices by individuals, businesses, government, and society
  • Introduces students to using data to analyse the world and test theory against reality

Political Science

  • Studies the shaping and sharing of power, including its uses, acquisition, and distribution: politics is the study of “who gets what, when and how”
  • Covers Chinese politics, Hong Kong politics, comparative politics, international politics, international relations of Asia Pacific
  • Cultivates students’ critical spirit which allows them to challenge traditional ideas in a changing world


  • Provides students with essential knowledge and principles from different sub-fields of psychology, including developmental psychology, social psychology and cognitive psychology
  • Develops students’ ability to scientifically analyse human cognitive processes and behaviour
  • Prepares students for further studies, such as in psychology, teaching, and social work; and for employment especially those involving human relations, managerial and administrative occupations


  • Dedicated to the understanding of the fundamental principles of social life and to the systematic study of social institutions and social transformations
  • Enables students to answer the “what”, “how” and “why” questions about human societies, past and present
  • Graduates will have a broad array of postgraduate opportunities and will be equipped to pursue employment opportunities in government, NGOs and the private sector

Social and Public Policy Studies

  • Studies social and public policies, particularly as they relate to the rapid changes in local, regional and global environments
  • Studies social and economic issues such as ageing and population, gender, employment, housing, health and social welfare
  • Provides inter-disciplinary perspectives that will enhance students’ ability to analyse social and public policy issues and debates

For Senior Year Admission (applicable to students admitted to Year 3 from 2020-21)

In addition to the above four Majors (Economics, Political Science, Sociology and the Social and Public Policy Studies), the following are also available for selection by Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) students admitted to Year 3 from 2020-21 onwards:


Discipline Major in Psychology with Counselling Psychology Concentration 

OPTIONAL for Year One entry, and COMPULSORY for Year Three Entry in Psychology

  • A growing mental-health service specialty within the field of applied psychology, concerned with the psycho-social, vocational and developmental aspects of people’s lives
  • Aims to enhance the quality of life and effectiveness of people’s functioning through handling mental health issues and facilitating human development and adjustment, both at individual and organisational levels
  • Prepares graduates for future postgraduate training in counselling-related professions and for entry-level positions in human service agencies (e.g. social work, school psychology, healthcare, human resources) where counselling skills are necessary


Health and Social Services Management Stream


  • Introduces students to the latest theories and practices in health and social services 
  • Facilitate students’ integration of theory and practice through experiential learning and internship opportunities
  • Equips students with essential knowledge and skills to take on a wide range of jobs related to social services and healthcare in both public and private sectors such as project officers, training officers, social services administrators and research officers


International Economy and Politics Stream


  • Empower students to think globally and to comprehend the current trends of global affairs
  • Focus on geopolitical conflicts, transnational political-economic relations and identity politics
  • Employ a multidisciplinary approach to interpret and understand global transformations