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Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts includes seven Departments, two Language Centres and four Research Centres. It currently offers 10 undergraduate major programmes and a self-financing bachelor degree programme. All of the majors simultaneously teach advanced disciplinary competence so that interested students may pursue postgraduate studies, and important transferrable skills such as textual and logical analysis, effective written and spoken communication that prepare our graduates for careers in business, government, creative industries, and education.


Students are welcome to apply directly to eight majors (Animation and Digital Arts, Chinese, Contemporary English Studies, Cultural Studies, History, Philosophy, Translation, Cross-Cultural Studies, and Corporate Communication and Visual Studies). 


Most of our programmes are interdisciplinary in nature. For example, Visual Studies combines aesthetics, art history, and film studies, while Contemporary English Studies combines the study of literature and applied linguistics. The Faculty also offers a bachelor degree programme in Animation and Digital Arts in order to cultivate talents in the creative industries. This programme offers both UGC-funded and self-funded first year places starting from 2022 intake, and self-funded senior year places.