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Advanced Institute for Global Chinese Studies (AIGCS)

Book Publishing

How to Read Chinese Literature series

okThis book series is an innovative collection of literary anthologies and language texts covering all major genres of Chinese literature. The series consists of ten volumes: six guided literary anthologies and four language texts. Usable as both stand-alone volumes and a coherent set, the ten books break down barriers between the study of literature and language learning.  By joining language acquisition with teaching students how to appreciate Chinese literature in its original form, the series seeks to transform learning and teaching of Chinese literature, language, and culture in the English-speaking world.

Six of the ten volumes are published and they are changing the ways Chinese literature is taught and learned in the West. The Beijing Sanlian shudian 北京三聯書店, one of the most prominent publishers in the Mainland, is translating and publishing the six anthologies as a series, with the first two volumes due for release in early 2022.

Publisher: Columbia University Press

Further information and select issues

Prism Monograph Supplement 

To enhance the “Theory” component as accentuated in the Journal’s subtitle, the Prism will publish an annual supplemental issue, titled the “Prism Monograph Supplement,” starting from 2022. Supplements will focus on the application of theory, both Western and Chinese, to the study of modern and pre-modern Chinese literature. To ensure continued broad, high-quality submissions, Prism Monograph Supplements may also include works that are not focused on theory. Each supplemental issue will have a coherent structure around a single theme. Our present plan is to publish one supplemental issue per volume per calendar year.

Each monograph supplement will carry a distinct cover design and an ISBN number of its own and will be made available for purchase on and other online vendors, in addition to being distributed through Duke University’s regular networks of journal subscription and sales.

Chinese Texts in the World series

Chinese Texts in the World Book Series

Chinese Texts in the World publishes scholarly works on the reception, transmission, assimilation, and reinvention of Chinese texts in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas; as well as critical studies that explore new pathways connecting Chinese texts with today’s world.  

Whether they were transmitted along the ancient Silk Road, or through modern digital technologies, such well-traveled texts hold great promise for illuminating multiple aspects of China’s cultural relations with the world. The series will also include studies that examine how some of these reconfigured texts made their way back to China, to be reconstituted as culturally polyvalent, hybrid “imports.”

Critical studies explore new ways of engaging Chinese texts with non-Chinese intellectual and cultural traditions. Such studies include, but are not limited to, a traditional textually grounded Sinological work that contains a substantive dialogue with for instance Western texts; a collaborative work by Asia-based and non-Asia-based scholars on the critical issues important to different traditions; and even a work on non-Chinese texts as long as it significantly draws insights from or engages a substantive dialogue with the Chinese traditions.

This book series was co-founded by the Institute director and Professor Xingpei Yuan of Peking University in 2019. 

Publisher: Brill