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Advanced Institute for Global Chinese Studies (AIGCS)

Knowledge Transfer Programs

How to Read Chinese Poetry Podcast Program (in English) 

This podcast presents the highlights of the acclaimed book How to Read Chinese Poetry: A Guided Anthology by Columbia University Press to a broad general audience. The podcast consists of 52 episodes, covering the major poetic genres developed from antiquity to the modern era. A team of leading experts guides listeners to explore the rich heritage of Chinese poetry, poem by poem, genre by genre, and dynasty by dynasty. Each episode provides a deep but pleasurable discussion of one or more famous poems and their cultural milieu. Special efforts will be made to demonstrate how the poems work in the original language to create a fascinating yet untranslatable kind of poetic beauty. Poems are read aloud in English and Mandarin, and for Tang and Song poetry in Cantonese as well, to the background of classical Chinese qin music. Chinese texts, English translations and romanizations, and brief notes are provided at

Beginning on Feb. 1, the Chinese New Year’s Day, of 2022, the 52 episodes will be released, one per week, over one year’s time. Broadcasting channels include Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple播客, 国内播客APP平台喜马拉雅.    


Lingnan Chinese Culture Program 嶺南大學國學堂 (working language in Chinese)

AIGCS, in collaboration with the Department of Chinese, will continue to organize the well-received lecture series on Chinese culture 嶺南大學國學堂 for the local community, with a special focus on training middle school teachers and teaching middle school students.

This Program provides six to ten thematic lectures per year. The invited speakers include teaching staff from the Chinese Department and established scholars from the Greater China area and abroad.