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Advanced Institute for Global Chinese Studies (AIGCS)

Lingnan Journal of Chinese Studies (LJCS) 《嶺南學報》


LJCS is published by the Department of Chinese, in collaboration with Centre of Humanities Research of Lingnan University, now revamped as AIGCS. Since its relaunch in 2014, LJCS has been striving to become a world-class journal in Chinese studies.

LJCS boasts a glorious history as one of China’s best-known academic journals from 1929 through 1952, publishing articles by many renowned scholars including TSCHEN Yinko, WU Mi, YANG Shi-ta, WANG Li, RONG Geng, and others. The Department of Chinese of Lingnan University in Hong Kong relaunched its publication in 2012 and ever since has published the research findings of leading scholars, with a mission to regain distinction in Chinese studies that befits the journal’s past eminence.

LJCS is primarily devoted to studies of pre-modern Chinese literature and culture. It also publishes works that examine the influence of traditional literature and culture in modern and contemporary China. While inheriting the old LJCS’s fine tradition of pursuing innovative scholarship, LJCS abides by its motto, “Scholarly traditions of all nations belong to one family” by actively promoting collaboration between Chinese and West-based scholars.

LJCS is partnering with Prism: Theory and Modern Chinese Literature and Journal of Chinese Literature and Culture (JCLC, co-edited by Prof. Yuan Xingpei and Prof. Zong-qi Cai; published by Duke University Press) as sister journals. In addition to Chinese-language articles contributed by Asia-based scholars, LJCS also publishes Chinese versions of select JCLC’s English articles simultaneously or nearly so. Exemplary articles in LCJS would also be recommended for simultaneous publication in JCLC. This close partnership should extend the reach of the two journals to an even broader international audience.

LJCS adheres to the highest standards of scholarly excellence, publishing original research articles with important theoretical insights and/or textual findings. It enforces a rigorous policy of double-blind peer review and implements multi-tier editing and copy-editing procedure to ensure the quality and regularity of its publication. We look forward to continuous collaboration with all fellow scholars in Chinese studies, as we seek to achieve the goal of making LJCS a world-class journal in the not-too-distant future.

LJCS is included in the Taiwan Humanities Citation Index (THCI), Core journal by the Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (RIHSS) in 2020. To date LJCS has published six regular issues and seven special issues.

Hosting Institutions

  • Chinese Department, Lingnan University 
  • The Advanced Insitute for Global Chinese Studies, Lingnan University


  • Shanghai Classics Publishing House

Full Text Database


  • THCI (Taiwan Humanities Citation Index)
  • CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure)


Selected Issues

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