Update on teaching arrangements (21 March 2022)

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21 Mar 2022

In view of the pandemic situations of the Hong Kong community, the University has decided to extend the current teaching arrangements until the end of Term 2, 2021/22.
Instructors of all classes may choose to deliver their teaching online. If there is a mutual agreement with all students that the entire class is conducted online, instructors are not required to teach in the designated classrooms. However, instructors could teach in designated classrooms to cater for those students who wish to join face-to-face classes while other students attend the same classes online if public health conditions permit.
The University has also decided that examinations will be conducted online for Term 2. The online examinations will be administered at the same period as originally stated in the Academic Calendar.
For Postgraduate Programmes, individual programmes and course instructors may make special arrangements to cater for diverse student learning needs. Postgraduate students are encouraged to join other forms of learning activities organised by the School of Graduate Studies and/or individual programmes. For details, please refer to the email issued by the School of Graduate Studies.
The University continues to monitor the situation closely and will adopt appropriate precautionary measures necessary to maintain safety on our campus. Please stay on high alert and observe the latest preventive measures recommended by the University’s Health, Safety and Environment Committee (https://www.ln.edu.hk/hse/notice).
Undergraduate programmes: Registry ([email protected])
Postgraduate programmes: School of Graduate Studies ([email protected])
LIFE programmes: LIFE ([email protected])
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21 March 2022