Update on Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Preventive Measures (25 March 2022)

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25 Mar 2022

Following the latest announcement made by the HKSAR Government, the Health, Safety and Environment Committee would like to update colleagues and students on the following:


  1. Latest Vaccination Requirements of Vaccine Pass

The Government adjusted the vaccination requirements of Vaccine Pass, with a view to further encourage the public to get vaccinated as soon as possible, including the third dose, and aligning with the latest revised COVID-19 vaccination arrangement. The specific adjustments include: 

  • advancing the implementation of stage three Vaccine Pass from 30 June to 31 May;
  • shortening the grace period for receiving the third dose after the second dose under Vaccine Pass; and
  • updating the vaccination requirements for persons previously infected with COVID-19 (recovered persons).

For details, please refer to:




  1.  Latest arrangements on COVID-19 vaccination

The Government announced that starting from 8am on March 21, persons aged 18 to 59 who have already received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine can make appointments for the third dose three months after their second dose via the online booking system of the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme (booking.covidvaccine.gov.hk).

For details, refer to: https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/202203/18/P2022031800485.htm


  1. Maintain the Existing Social Distancing Measures


The Government announced on 23 March the gazettal of extending existing social distancing measures in accordance with the public health emergency regulations under the Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance, with the next 14-day cycle to be effective from March 24 to April 6.


For catering premises and scheduled premises regulated under the Prevention and Control of Disease (Requirements and Directions) (Business and Premises) Regulation (Cap. 599F), the existing social distancing measures will be extended for two weeks. Other existing measures, such as allowing no more than two persons per group gathering in a public place, prohibition of multi-household gatherings at private premises involving more than two households, the mask-wearing requirement and cessation of mass events to avoid group gatherings, will continue to be implemented.


For details, please refer to:




  1. Health Advice


All members of the Lingnan community are advised at all times to maintain strict personal and environmental hygiene, which is the key to personal protection against infection and prevention of the spread of the disease in the community. Special attention to the following highlights is required:


  • All members shall wear masks on campus including indoor and outdoor at all times. It is important to wear a mask properly, including hand hygiene before wearing and after removing a mask.  In case wearing mask is not feasible, for example when having meal or shower, please keep at least 1.5 meters distance from others.  All members shall note the followings when wearing a mask:

   (a)  Choose the appropriate mask size to completely cover your nose, mouth and chin without gaps.

   (b)  Attain good seal with the face by minimizing air leak from edges.

   (c)  Not use masks with exhalation valve or vents that allow exhaled air to escape,  due to the fact that exhaled air is unfiltered and may pose a risk to surrounding people if the wearer is infected with COVID-19 or other respiratory infectious diseases.

For details, please refer to the Supplementary Note on Use Mask Properly at https://www.chp.gov.hk/files/pdf/supplementary_note_on_use_mask_properly_choose_the_right_surgical_mask_eng.pdf


  • All members are urged to stay home to the extent possible, avoid dine in, reduce the frequency of all mask-off activities, staggering meal time with roommates and colleagues in the same room, and stop all unnecessary social activities, especially meal gatherings across family bubbles and friends.


  • All hostel residents are reminded to be considerate and keep the shared facilities (lavatories, pantries) clean after use.


  • All members shall check your body temperature before entering campus. If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, respiratory symptoms or sudden loss of taste or smell, you should seek medical advice promptly and not come back campus for classes or work.


  • Under Cap.599I, any person who is entering or present in public place cannot take off their mask for smoking. The scope of reasonable excuses for taking-off mask under Cap.599I does not include smoking. Smokers are more likely to touch their mask and face with their hands during smoking, leading to increased chance of infection. Besides, smoking damages lungs and weakens immunity. Smokers who have contracted COVID-19 are more likely to develop severe complications. We appeal to all members to avoid smoking in public places, including along the bridge connecting the Main Campus and SEK Campus and Pan Sutong Sports Ground, and to quit smoking whenever possible. For information on smoking and COVID-19, please visit the website of the Tobacco and Alcohol Control Office or dial Quit line 1833 183.


  • To assist contact tracing, keep a diary of your schedule, for example, the places you visited and the name of people you had close contact on campus. You may also use the “LeaveHomeSafe” mobile app to keep your visit records.



Resource Corner


For information on COVID-19, please refer to the following links:

  1. HKSAR’s Thematic webpage on COVID-19 at:  www.coronavirus.gov.hk/eng/index.html
  2. Webpage of Health, Safety and Environment Committee https://www.ln.edu.hk/hse
  3. Webpage on Mental Health Infostation at the following link:


  1. Tested positive or preliminary positive by Rapid Antigen Test (RAT): https://www.chp.gov.hk/ratp
  2. Tested positive or preliminary positive by Nucleic Acid Test: https://www.chp.gov.hk/cdpi



If you are suspected or confirmed as infected or required to stay in the “restricted area” for COVID-19 test or under mandatory quarantine or compulsory testing notice, please notify your department / office or any of the following teams as soon as possible:



Thank you for your kind attention.


Best Regards,
Weixin Shang

Chairman, Health, Safety and Environment Committee