Update on campus entry requirements (12 August 2022)

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12 Aug 2022

The Government announced earlier the addition of the Red Code and Amber Code into the Vaccine Pass to differentiate the risk of infection among individuals.

Starting from 9 August, confirmed COVID-19 cases will be categorised as persons with a Red Code, and inbound persons from overseas or Taiwan tested negative will be categorised as persons with an Amber Code. Their Vaccine Pass QR codes in the LeaveHomeSafe app will be displayed in red or amber accordingly.
In view of the above development about the Vaccine Pass, the University has updated the campus entry requirements accordingly with immediate effect:

1.         Persons with a Red Code are not allowed to enter the LU campus.
2.         Persons with an Amber Code:

  1. Only LU staff, students, residents of the hostels or Visitor Quarters, and on-site outsourced contractors are allowed to enter the campus with an Amber Code. These persons are required to show their valid LU identity card to the security guards at the campus entrance, and strictly comply with all COVID-19 preventive measures of the University on campus.
  2. All other persons with an Amber Code are not allowed to enter the campus.
  3. Staff and students with an Amber Code can attend classes and visit teaching and learning facilities, but they are restricted from entering sports facilities and eating at the canteen or the Chinese restaurant. Takeaway from the canteen and the Chinese restaurant is, nevertheless, allowed. A designated open-air area at the podium floor of the Lau Chung Him Building (near the Chapel) is assigned for staff and students with an Amber Code to consume their takeaway food.
  4. Students with an Amber Code who are offered on-campus hostel places in 2022/23 may live in the hostels after signing the Undertaking Form of 4-day Medical Surveillance. During this period, they have to wear a mask at all times, including in their own room. They should avoid any activity with other residents that entails the removal of masks. Special arrangements will be applied to these residents, please refer to the guidelines issued by the Office of Student Affairs for more details.
  5. Staff and students with an Amber Code must conduct the Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) every day, and complete the Nucleic Acid Test requirements imposed by the Government. Positive testing results shall be immediately reported to the Campus Support Office of the Office of the Comptroller, or the Warden Office concerned.
  6. Faculties/Departments/Offices are strongly advised not to invite any guest with an Amber Code to the campus. 

For details about the updated information on the Vaccine Pass and quarantine arrangements for inbound persons, please refer to the following Government press releases: https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/202208/08/P2022080800771.htm; https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/202208/08/P2022080800803.htm. For details about the Vaccine Pass implementation at LU, please refer to: https://www.ln.edu.hk/announcement/20220419/update-on-vaccine-pass-implementation-19-april-2022.
Office of the Comptroller ( [email protected])
Relevant Warden Office
Office of Communications and Public Affairs
12 August 2022