Lingnan University, Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership (APHERP) and IAFOR co-hosted the Conference for Higher Education Research Hong Kong 2018 from 19 to 21 October 2018 at Lingnan University. The leading theme of the Conference was "Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Value".

More than 18 keynote and featured speakers from different universities in the US, UK and Asia, 100 paper presenters from 19 countries/regions, students from Lingnan University’s Taught Postgraduate Programmes and University of Southern California, guests and Lingnan academics participated in the Conference. This was the first conference that was held at Lingnan University after the Secretariat of Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership (previously known as the Research Consortium for Higher Education) migrated from the East-West Center in the US. To welcome the migration, a special unveiling ceremony was held in the presence of Professor Leonard Cheng, President of Lingnan University, Professor Deane Neubauer, East-West Center, Professor Joshua Mok, Vice-President of Lingnan University, Mr Patrick Wong, Chairman of Lingnan Education Organization, Dr William Leung, Chairman of Lingnan University Alumni Association and Dr Frank Law, ex-Chairman of the Court.

Keynote and featured speakers from different universities From left : Dr Frank Law, Dr William Leung, Professor Leonard Cheng, Professor Deane Neubauer, Mr Patrick Wong and Professor Joshua Mok

Professor Leonard K Cheng, President of Lingnan University, one of the keynote speakers shed light on "Innovation and Entrepreneurship at a Liberal Arts University? The Experience of Lingnan University ".

Professor Anthony Welch, Professor of Education, Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Sydney, another leading keynote speaker shared his research on "Innovation, Entrepreneurship and its shift to the East ".

Other featured speakers included Professor Catherine Montgomery, University of Bath, Professor Yuto Kitamura, The University of Tokyo, Professor Deane Neubauer, East-West Centre, USA, Dr Xu Di, University of Hawaii-Mānoa amongst many others who made the discussions even more enriching. Details of the post-event news of the Conference will be found at the website of APHERP later.

The Conference was largely successful due to the diverse views and experiences shared by governments, universities, industries, businesses and the community at large on the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in shaping nations to excel in the complex global environment. The platform served to be very fruitful in exploring new strategies and measures in support of innovation-centric environment which met the core objective of this conference.

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Musical Performance at Tea Reception on 19 Oct 2018

Lingnan University has invited Wong Bing Lai Music and Performing Arts Unit to arrange a musical performance during Tea Reception on 19 Oct. Music across different cultures and practices would mean crossing boundaries, encountering new paths and bringing traditions forward. With jazz musician, Mr Andrea Marcelli (Lingnan's Musician-in-Residence from 19/9/2018 to 31/10/2018); Chinese dulcimer player, Dr Ip Kim-ho (Associate Professor of Practice, Lingnan University) and vocalist/guitarist, Mr Gordon Ho (Year 3 Lingnan student) performed new possibilities of creativity in music.