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Message from Director

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Prof. CHAN Chak Kwan Dickson
Research Professor and Director

A Research Institute Driven to Promote the Well-Being of Older People through Research and Partnership with Local and International Communities

Promoting older people’s well-being is the ultimate goal of the Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies (APIAS). Research work can contribute to a deeper insight into the needs of older people who are facing social, financial and psychological challenges. Their voices and needs can be heard and better understood from the data of high quality research studies. Research findings can illustrate to policy makers and practitioners about the welfare choices of older people and family members, demonstrate the limitations of existing practices and inform policy changes. To conduct a high quality of research work, researchers need a better grasp of older respondents and their communities, and supported from various stakeholders. Thus, APIAS aims to work with health and social services practitioners to investigate the life of older people and study critical ageing issues in society. We also aim to make a better society for older people through partnership working with charities, business communities, policy makers and health and social care practitioners. Hong Kong has been an international communication and business hub and a melting pot of Western and Eastern cultures for many years. Taking the advantages of Hong Kong’s geographical position and traditions, APIAS has a special interest in researching ageing issues in Greater China and East Asia. However, we will not lose sight of the benefits of international comparative studies with European, American and African countries. We believe that ageing issues can be better understood and tackled through local efforts and experiences from international communities.
We welcome individuals and organisations to work with us to achieve the above goals through the following means:

  • Postgraduate study, student exchanges and research visits
  • Joint research work and grant applications
  • Jointly organised workshops, seminars and conferences
  • Joint teaching programmes
  • Commissioned research projects.
  • Research and practice collaboration

We look forward to hear your ideas on working together to promote the well-being of older people.

Chak Kwan Chan
Research Professor & Director of Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies 
Lingnan University